How-to Pick Your Family’s Wardrobe for Family Pictures

Family photos are a wonderful way to capture a moment in time you will remember forever, but it’s stressful choosing something for everyone to wear. It’s about more than just your everyday clothing, and many families spend weeks choosing the perfect ensemble. There’s no right or wrong way to choose outfits for your family’s photos. There’s no one color scheme that works best. It depends on what colors look good on you and your family, what season you’re taking your photos, and where you are taking your photos. If that only makes choosing clothing feel more stressful, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are numerous tips available to help you choose just the right ensemble for your family photos.

1- Skip Matching Colors

You might assume the best idea is to choose matching colors for the entire family, but it’s not the best concept in the eyes of photographers. In fact, many photographers suggest you choose coordinating colors rather than matching colors. One way to do this is choose a color family. If you’re taking spring photos outside in a park, perhaps you want to choose a light pink and Tiffany blue color scheme for the entire family.

Coral might make a good color to go with these two colors, and you can choose outfits that all incorporate one or more of these colors in some way so you all go together without looking as if you match. Perhaps dad can wear a Tiffany blue shirt while mom wears light pink, and the kids all wear a variation of each color with a little coral to make them stand out. It’s a lovely way to go together without looking as if you all wore the same outfit.

2- Look at the Background

When it comes to taking family photos, you want to choose a background that works with your household décor. These photos will hang in your home, so they should go with your personal style. For example, if you’re someone who likes neutral colors rather than bold colors, you want to choose a neutral background. Perhaps photos that are on the beach where the sand, water, and sea are all a neutral shade.

Now you’ll choose your outfit color pattern to go with the background you chose. Colors that complement the background images make it easier to choose a color pattern for the entire family as well as coordinate with the colors you keep at home. This is the most important rule of outfit-choosing during family photos.

3- Minimize the Patterns

As previously discussed, sometimes choosing patterns is a lovely way to add a little interest and coordination to your family’s outfits, but it’s not always the best way to go. One pattern is plenty, but only in small doses. Too much pattern is distracting, and it can really take away from the photos your family is taking.

If you do go with a pattern, keep it on one outfit, on one person, and make it a very minimal pattern. Sometimes it’s best to keep things to a minimal look than it is to go all out and make it too bold and too bright. Patterns are fine, but not if they’re too busy for the rest of the photo.

4- Choose Classics

One great way to ensure your family looks lovely and your photos turn out beautifully is to choose a classic color scheme. Classics never go out of style, and you’ll never look back at your family photos and wonder what you were thinking. Classic colors, classic styles, and simplicity go a long way in helping your family look perfect for photos. Think jeans and long sleeve polos or blouses, simple cut dresses, and even basic shorts and tees. It might not seem exciting, but it translates to print very well.

Your family is your family, and you should always let your individuality and personal style shine through in your family photos. These tips aren’t rules, they’re just guidelines and suggestions that help you get through the process of choosing outfits wisely. How about spending some time considering who you are and what you want before you choose your next family photos? It helps, and you won’t regret the outcome.

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