How to Prepare for an Office Relocation

How to Prepare for an Office Relocation
Relocating an entire office is not always easy, especially if you intend to move employees to an entirely new city or state. Whenever you have an upcoming office relocation to plan for, there are a few ways to prepare ahead of time to minimize stress and the potential of running into issues throughout the process. With the right preparation, move forward with your office relocation with excitement and energy, rather than fear and anxiety.

Create a Timeline to Work With

Planning for an upcoming office relocation can quickly become stressful and overwhelming without a proper timeline in place. Create a schedule and moving calendar to keep track of both small and large tasks that require work before you are able to move into your new work location. Begin planning for your move and packing weeks or even months in advance to maximize your free time without feeling pressured or rushed once your moving date begins inching closer to arrival.

Create an Inventory List

One of the first steps to complete for any office manager or entrepreneur is to create an inventory list of all of your equipment, furniture, and personal belongings or decor that you currently keep in your office space. Having an inventory checklist is extremely useful when you are gauging the type of equipment you need to invest in, setting budgets, or scheduling movers and moving trucks to transport the items you own or currently store within your office.

Having an inventory list is also ideal if you are in need of a reference sheet to keep better track of all of your belongings while you are in the midst of moving into your new office location. Use your inventory list to ensure that all of the items you own make it to their final destination and new office space.

Find a Professional and Experienced Moving Company

Rather than moving all of your office equipment, furnishings, and decor on your own, seek out a professional and experienced moving company to get the job done right. Hiring a professional moving company that specializes in corporate transfers is one way to focus on other aspects of the move itself. Search for a professional moving company by asking for referrals and recommendations from other business associates and partners you trust. Research moving companies near you online to review and compare customer testimonials before choosing a moving company that is capable of assisting you with your office needs.

Inform Your Teams

Informing your employees and teams of an upcoming move or office relocation as quickly as possible is highly advisable. The sooner your current team members and employees are aware of an upcoming move, the more likely they are to feel adequately prepared once the moving date itself arrives.

Schedule regularly weekly meetings once you have determined an official moving date to cover various topics such as packing, shipping, and arriving at your new location. When an entire team of employees feels informed and prepared for an upcoming move, they are less likely to require additional time to settle in and become acquainted with their new workplace environment once the move itself is complete.

Pack as You Go

Begin packing as soon as you are aware of your upcoming relocation. Pack items away daily while labeling boxes and storage containers using permanent markers or printed shipping labels. Keep track of all of your inventory and packed items by creating an inventory list for each container or box you are planning to ship or transport to the new office location.

Prepare Your New Space Ahead of Time

Take the time to renovate your new office space with any updates, installation jobs, and fixtures necessary. Spend time decorating and renovating your new office space so that it is ready for your arrival and the arrival of your employees once your moving date is set in stone.

Knowing how to prepare for office relocation is one way to gain peace of mind while handling the packing, shipping, and actual transfer of belongings and equipment necessary to keep your business operating. Taking the time to prepare for an office relocation months in advance is a surefire way to maintain control of the process even if you are moving an entire office across the country.

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