How to Strategize About a Marketing Mailout Campaign

One of the most common misconceptions about marketing is direct mail marketing is a dying breed. In fact, many businesses feel that it’s dead, but it’s not true. There was a time when the world did nothing but wait for their inbox to ding to tell them they had an email, but many people are so inundated with emails all day long they don’t check them anymore. However, sending a pretty package or mailout can get you the notice you want. Not many people get much mail anymore, and it makes it more exciting when they do get it. In fact, it also helps you get their attention because it’s not another email coming in. Here’s how to strategize your next direct mailout campaign.

Know the Audience

The biggest mistake you’ll make using a direct mailout campaign is not knowing your audience. If you are promoting something that’s targeted for a younger crowd, sending a mailout to a retirement community is not going to get you the notice you want. You need to know to whom you want to target as your audience, and you need to direct your mailout campaign that direction. For example, sending it to the apartment complexes in a college town rather than to the priciest homes in the most affluent neighborhoods when you’re looking for people aged 20 to 23 is the better option. You’re more likely to get people that age in a certain neighborhood than others. Know your audience, and know what they like.

Make it Appealing

Now that you know your audience, it’s time to figure out how to make your mail appealing. If you’re shooting for a younger crowd, it needs to stand out and not look like an advertisement. It needs to say something that catches their attention. It needs a photo that draws them in, and it needs to offer something valuable. If it’s not offering something valuable and appealing, there is nothing you can do to get anything out of this. You must market your mailout to make it look good as well as offer something people want.

Use an Automated System

Now that you’re strategizing about your next mailout, come up with an automated system. This is not something everyone is familiar with, but it’s highly useful. If you want to be sure your mailout is getting everywhere it needs to go, use an automated system to do it for you. You can look online, ask other businesses in the area who they use, and you can hire them to make sure everything is packaged, addressed, and sent out the way it’s meant to be. This helps you get things out while still maintaining a professional look rather than sloppy handwritten addresses on everything.

Make it Personal

If you’re sending a mailout, it must be personal. People are more likely to open something that looks as if it was mailed directly to them than to ‘resident’ or something else generic. They’re also more likely to open something that’s colorful than they are a boring white envelope. If it looks like an invitation or something fun, they will open it. If the envelope is thick, people think there is something inside. They’re more willing to open it if they think something is inside. If you can make your mailout look more personal, it automatically seems more interesting to anyone who receives on in the mail.

Direct mail can increase your brand awareness and your clientele. People get more emails than they can count, they go to junk boxes, and sometimes they’re completely missed. A direct mailout has more to offer those who want to get more attention and more notice. If you are looking to strategize a better way to make money, increase brand awareness, and garner attention, you’re looking to capture serious attention. Make it personal, target the right audience, and be sure you’re not wasting your time marketing something that won’t matter to the wrong individuals. Don’t underestimate what you can get from a campaign such as this one because you can use it to your advantage.

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