How to Throw An Awesome Outdoor Party

Once the dreary, cold weather of winter finally passes, many people opt to celebrate the arrival of spring with an outdoor party. Outdoor parties offer guests the openness of the outdoors along with the fresh air while enjoying outdoor activities and games. Parties held in a backyard can offer enough space to have many more people than a normal house party can and it will let everyone finally dress lighter and enjoy the weather. But hosting an outdoor party requires lots of preparation to pull off right. Here are some ideas about how you can host an awesome outdoor party and be the talk of your neighborhood.

The first thing you should do is clean up the backyard and deck areas. There is a chance that debris, dead plants, and other remnants of the bad weather of winter. Trim any dead parts of plants around your yard and make sure to give your lawn a good mow. Then make sure the deck is swept off and the deck furniture is clean and in good condition. Having a chair or table break during your party can lead to disaster.

Once your lawn is clean it is best to start telling people in your neighborhood that a party is occurring. Use word of mouth to tell your closest neighbors and use fliers hung up in strategic places around your neighborhood to announce the party as well. Just get permission from your HoA to hang up fliers. Have people RSVP so you can get a good idea as to how many people will be coming.

Your next step should be to determine what you are going to serve at your outdoor party. Most people choose to use a grill or barbecue to cook on, so easily grilled items should be chosen. Choose a variety of meats and veggies and make sure there are vegetarian and vegan options to provide for your guests’ dietary needs. Buy as many products like condiments, plates and cups, and napkins in bulk. You can also buy things like chips, dips, and other sides in bulk as well. You can also suggest guests bring dishes to help curb your food costs.

Once you have the guest list and the menu ready to go, it is time to figure out seating and serving options. Make sure there are plenty of comfortable chairs available for as many people as you can, and if possible, have the chairs set up in the shade. Not everyone will want to stand or engage in other activities. Rent chairs and tables if needed, and make sure to rent one that can be used as a buffet table. Self serving during an outdoor party is best because it allows your guests to get as little or as much food as they want. Invest in large serving bowls, coolers, and make sure to buy plenty of ice the day of the party.

Finally, plan some games and activities for your guests. Being outside allows you to offer a wider range of games that will not result in broken windows and furniture. Many people go with games like horseshoes or cornhole, which can get your guests in the competitive mood. Making sure there are plenty of things for kids to do is also smart. Swing sets, jungle gyms, bikes, and other outdoor toys are recommended. It is wise to keep the children’s play area away from the adults’ gaming area.

Now you are ready to throw a great outdoor party. You got the word out, people are showing excitement and interest, and you have the yard cleaned and prepared. The food is bought, the games are set up, and the furniture is ready. As people begin to show up, greet them and let them know what is available. Tell them to have fun and to mingle with people from the neighborhood that they may not know. Once the party is over, any food you cannot store can be offered for guests to take home. Now spend the evening, or possibly the next day, cleaning up and take pride in the fact that you threw an amazing backyard party.

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