The 6 Most Expensive Pieces of Lingerie

Lingerie is an essential part of the wardrobe that steams your bedroom life up. If you thought buying lingerie would not be much of an impact on your pocket, you are wrong. Lingerie-holics have taken lingerie pieces a few notches higher by encrusting metals and precious stones on them. Various pieces have increased in value by merely getting worn by celebrities. The kind that cannot be placed in a wardrobe but a safety volt. Below is a compiled rundown of the six most expensive pieces of lingerie, none of which goes for less than seven figures.

Susan Rosen Diamond Bikini

The bikini is dental floss sized that showcases a whole lot of skin. Susan Rosen designed this piece for Sports Illustrated 2012 Swimsuit Issue. Molly Sims was honoured to showcase this bikini worth $30 Million. What makes the Susan Rosen Diamond Bikini so pricey? It is made from D flawless diamonds of over 150 cataracts. There are no incisions or birthmarks on the piece. The thong has a 31-karat diamond which is emerald cut. It also features pear-shaped diamonds which are among the world’s largest and are all set in platinum. Tiger Woods purchased this stunning bikini from a private dealer at the Jupiter Island. Who might have been been the lucky girl?

Victoria Secret’s Fantasy Set

Victoria Secret’s takes the second spot, with the red satin bra and panty. It has 2300 gemstones as decorations, including Thai rubies adding up to 300 carats. The bra set goes for $15 million. The most beautiful silk and imported muslin were used to create this masterpiece. The gorgeous Gisele Bundchen first wore this piece of Art at the 2000 annual fashion show. It was showcased again in 2005 by the Brazilian model. The Victoria Secret’s Fantasy set still holds the most expensive and extravagant underwear creation in the Guinness World Record

Victoria Secret’s Royal Bra

Despite its availability in the high street, the Victoria Secrets brand dominates in the list of expensive lingerie. Moonward designed this $10 million bra. The bra comes with a belt that matches. The setting that warrants the piece to the lofty tag consists of a 52-carat ruby hanging from the center, 18-carat gold and 4200 stones comprised of yellow sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. Candice Swanepoel was chosen to strut down in this piece on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show runway in 2013.

Victoria Secret Heavenly Star Fantasy Bra

Of the always coveted fantasy series, this is the first fantasy bra to ever showcase on the runway. This swimsuit took the oomph factor to new heights. The tight-fitting masterpiece was put on by Heidi Klum in 2001. Featuring on The Heavenly Star is 1200 pink sapphires from Sri Lanka. Centrally placed is a 90-carat diamond, emerald cut. The bra is worth a whopping $12.5 million.

Victoria Secret Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra

The Bra was 2006 counter piece of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Over 300 hours were taken to design and fabricate the bra entirely. It has a floral motif which has a10-carat diamond centering it. It also has over 2000 pieces of diamond all over the bra. The stones were crafted in a total of over 20, 000 hours. This piece was modeled by Karolina Kurkova and goes for $6.5 million. Uncommonly, the Hearts on Fire featured in Christmas Dreams Catalogue, for anyone who wanted to purchase it.

Anamika Khanna Orra Diamond Bustier

Teaming up with the Orra diamonds, Anamika Khanna –an indiam designer created the bustier. It took six months to create with a team of designers, stylists, and craftsmen in 2010. The piece was hand-crafted with Belgian diamonds. It is marketed as the world’s most expensive bustier costing $1.3 million. It was first introduced by Anjali Lavania at a fashion show in Delhi and later by Malaika Arora, an Indian actress then.

The priciest lingerie is undoubtedly not the coziest one and neither can it be worn beneath just any outfit. It is meant to steal the affluent hearts and continuously remind individuals of the mortals unifying creation. Feeling beautiful from beneath is no crime and justifies the extravagant spending on the majestic intimate set.

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