The Most Common Vape Flavors This Year

Vaping has been a common pastime for people around the world. Teenagers and young adults are the groups that are the most hooked on these products, and they are using them either to impress or to look cool. Vaping has been an alternative to smoking, and those who support the trend are saying that using the device can save lives because vapes do not produce the same cancerous toxins found in cigarettes. It is fairly easy to use the vape, because it only requires someone to choose their preferred flavor, insert it inside the device, and start sucking up the air and flavor it produces to create smoke.

The following are the top vape flavors for this year.

USA Blend

The USA blend has a musky flavor, and it will give its users a bold and clean feel. It is recommended for those who wanted to experience vaping without the typical fruity flavors. It is like a cigarette mixed in with the vape, and according to those who have already tried it, the flavor tasted great, and one would be tempted to use more flavors.

Gummi Bear

The popular candy inspires the Gummi Bear flavor, and they taste the same. The Gummi Bear flavor is described by the users having a deep candy taste. Users can’t get enough of the Gummi Bear flavor, and it is highly recommended especially for those who wanted candy flavored vape juices.

Banana Nut Bread

The Banana Nut Bread flavor tastes and smells like its real counterpart, and one could indulge in this flavor without the fear of taking in extra carbohydrates. For some vape users, the Banana Nut Bread flavor is one of the best-tasting juices out there, and it managed to get a lot of positive reviews from the users who have tried and tasted it.

Blue Raz Cotton Candy

The Blue Raz Cotton Candy flavor was created due to public demand. It tasted very sweet, and it would remind someone of their happy moments inside the carnival. For those who have already tried it, they described the flavor as identical to real-life cotton candy. The aftertaste is what separates it from the other flavors because it will leave a pleasant sweet taste inside the mouth.

Peach Green Tea

The Peach Green Tea flavor provides a smooth taste inside the mouth. Those who have already used this flavor are claiming that it eased their souls, and they are also recommending it to those who wanted to relax after working for straight hours.

Pink Spot

The Pink Spot flavor appeals to those who wanted to taste fruity flavors inside their mouth. It tasted like a mix of lime, pineapple, and raspberry, and the flavors explode inside the mouth. Those who have tried the flavor can’t get over it because of its playful taste and great aroma.

Watermelon Wave

The Watermelon Wave flavors give vape users a chance to taste watermelons. The flavorful liquid is oozing with flavors, and those who have already tried this flavor are saying that the taste is nearly identical to the real-life fruit. It is sweet and has a juicy aftertaste.

Black Mamba

A cocktail inspires the Black Mamba flavor, and it promises a serious bite to those who would love to try it. The juice tasted bold, as it blends cranberry and blackberry, with a tiny hint of citrus fruits. People who have already tried this flavor said that it tasted different from other flavors but in a positive way. However, the main complaint about the Black Mamba is its small packaging, and people are saying that it is not enough.

Frozen Lime Drop

The Frozen Lime Drop flavor is another vape juice inspired by a cocktail. This flavor has a hint of mint in it, making the user feel cool after a couple of use. It is advisable to use this flavor during hot days, as it will cool down the body due to the menthol present in the juice.

Rip Tide

The Rip Tide flavor is another vape juice added with a hint of mint. The flavor is a mixture of strawberry and blue raspberry, and according to those who have already tasted it, they felt relaxed after exhaling the mist from the device.

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