The Top 8 Joys in Working in the Hospitality Industry

The Top 8 Joys in Working in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry features an exciting, rewarding environment and a host of different career paths. You’re there in an environment where people are to be served, and you’re the lucky person who gets to make their day a little brighter. Jobs in the industry might include servers, bartenders, and housekeepers, but it can go all the way up to management and administrative positions. Here are but a few of the many joys of working in an industry that serves folks who have more than a little disposable income to spare.

1. New Challenges

For people who love something out of the ordinary, the hospitality industry is rife with everyday challenges and stories. Industries like the hotel industry are struggling to find hospitality workers, so it’s a great time to be a job seeker for those positions. There’s nothing mundane about working in hospitality.

2. Promotions

Hospitality is one of those fields where you can quickly climb the ladder. Because so many people sometimes move in and out of the bottom and mid-tier positions, a busboy can quickly find himself working in administration in only a few years time. Promotions occur more than in other industries.

3. New Cultures and People

If you enjoy meeting new people, you’re going to love the opportunities of the hospitality industry. You’ll meet people of almost every culture, many of them killing time and with a story or two to share on their way. You’ll learn so much.

4. You Have an Immediate Impact on People’s Lives

There are some people who work all day, every day, and never get to see how their results bring smiles and light into the lives of the people they’re serving. For example, someone who designs toys might never get to immediately see how their work brings joy to children. Hospitality workers do things everyday that bring immediate smiles to the faces of the people they’re serving. Your results are instant joy.

5. Creative Decisions

Hospitality workers often have the opportunity to think on the fly and come up with creative decisions that delight the people they’re serving. If you love thinking creatively, hospitality is for you.

6. Flexibility

There’s nothing more joyful than a flexible schedule. Because so many people contribute to the places that hospitality workers do their job in, it offers a flexible schedule that many other industries simply don’t have. If you don’t like rigid schedules, the hospitality industry may be for you.

7. Easy Entry Positions

There is a shortage of hospitality workers right now in many industries, and as those industries struggle to fill positions, you can effectively walk into an entry level or even a bit higher up position with no problem. If you’re personable and enthusiastic, it’s easy to get a job in hospitality.

8. Extrovert’s Daydream

A job in hospitality is perfect for an extrovert who loves to meet a lot of people and always be around people. You have the chance to run into thousands of new people during the year, positively impacting their lives and getting a lot of fun new experiences for yourself.

Hospitality workers are the people who make everyone’s day a little brighter. There’s a huge need for these positions right now, and you could be the next person to capture all that joy.

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