Top 6 Things to Consider When Picking a Commercial Architect

Are you planning for your next commercial construction project? While you may have plenty of things to do, choosing the right architect is crucial. Architects provide projects’ designs together with other administrative and construction services. Therefore, it is essential to choose one that will deliver excellent services as you start on the project. Below are top factors to consider when picking an architect for your commercial project.


While architect photography can make you believe the good work, it is always advisable to do an in-depth search of your preferred candidate. How do you go about that? One very crucial step is asking for proof of previous work that the architect completed. With the designs, the approvals and the actual building onsite, it is easy to narrow down to suitable ones. Since the architect and the contractor are two major critical players in construction, you can visit a completed or ongoing project to have a look of how they work.

If you can’t pick one from your list of architects, you can ask for advice from family and friends. However, commercial constructions differ, and the requirements for each vary. That means a successful project may not necessarily mean the architect will deliver excellent results. Therefore, you should seek to get people’s views, professional advice from building planners to pick the right for your commercial project.

Geographical Location

Architects services are governed by state laws concerning property and construction. These building codes differ from one place to another. It is, therefore to acquire an architect that is acquainted with your project site. Usually, the design depends on various factors including the climate patterns, topography, and type of soil. Being a commercial project, you ought to acquire a plan that suits your area of implementation and guarantee quality work.

Relationship with Teams

Commercial construction projects involve various players including city planners, engineers, contractors, and inspectors. All these individuals play vital roles in every phase of the construction process. The architect comes up with the design after consultation with the other partners to deliver to your expectations. Therefore, the architect must hold strong relations with the other key players of the project. Also, the architect should show the importance of working as a team with other specialists to offer quality services.

Communication Skills

Architecture services involve plenty of consultations between you, the client and other professionals. Therefore, when choosing one for your project, you should consider the effectiveness of their communication. You do not want to deal with a non-responsive architect yet he handles a very critical area of your project. Essentially, your architect should notify you of any changes, improvements, and progress of the building plan throughout the project. Also, he should be able to answer your queries regarding your commercial building designs.

Connections and Contacts

The connection an architect has with fellow professionals reflects his successes and achievements. Having great relationships also shows excellence in negotiation skills. An architect that has contacts of city planners and people representing the political processes is preferred as opposed to those with few connections. The importance of this is that your architect can help you acquire quality contractors and builders he has worked with in the past. Additionally, the architect can offer advice on how to obtain the services of other specialists needed in your project.


Acquiring the designs is just one of the expenses in a commercial construction project. As the owner, you ought to have a detailed budget for all the requirements with some amount for miscellaneous costs. Your architect’s budget should cover the designs, approval, and the building prints. An important tip to remember is that choosing a low-rate architect may not guarantee you quality work and the results may not be satisfactory. Therefore, it is essential to compare prices, together with other factors to decide which architect suits your project in all aspects.

With a consideration of the above factors, you can get a suitable architect to work on your commercial project. Before you can decide on your favorite, it is essential to meet and discuss with them in person. That way, you can ask as many questions and choose one satisfactorily. Most importantly, consider interpersonal skills and the relationship of your architect with various players in the construction sector.

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