Ways a Standing Desk Can Help Your Back Pain

Ways a Standing Desk Can Help Your Back Pain

A standing desk is one of the newest types of office furniture that you use to alleviate your back pain. Standing desks are made with a platform at a higher level so that you can use a computer, write in a notebook or read a book. You may see standing desks in public spaces, such as libraries where you will need to use a computer to search for information or at a store where you will shop for items online, but you can also find standing desks that are made for use in a home or in an office.

There are several benefits from standing at a desk for your back, including this list of ways that a standing desk is helpful.

Benefit 1: Strengthening the Back’s Tendons and Muscles

Sitting all of the time can weaken the muscles and tendons in the back, leading to poor support for the spine. This can lead to chronic back pain while you are walking, standing and sitting. Standing while working at a desk can increase the strength of the tendons and muscles of the back, reducing your chronic or intermittent pain, so many experts suggest that you buy a standing desk.

Benefit 2: Reducing Your Body’s Weight

New research reveals that standing burns more calories than sitting, so if the discomfort in your back is caused by excess weight, then a standing desk is an excellent idea. Burning a few extra calories each hour can lead to significant weight loss when you are working at a standing desk for most of the day. In only a few months, you would begin to notice the loss of weight and how it is helping your back to feel better.

Benefit 3: Aligning the Spine

Sitting down all day can lead to changes in the shape of your spine. When you are sitting, you may slump forward, creating a curve in your spine, and you may also thrust your head forward to look at a computer screen or other object on a desk. This can lead to poor alignment of the spine, causing frequent backaches that make it difficult to have a normal life.

Benefit 4: Improvements in Blood Circulation

If you are sitting most of the time, then the blood in your lower body may not circulate enough. This can lead to discomfort in your back that radiates upward into your neck and shoulders. While sitting, your legs are pressed against a chair, and this action presses down on the blood vessels of your thighs, making it more difficult for the blood to circulate throughout your body.

Benefit 5: Reducing the Edema in Your Legs and Feet

Walking helps your body to move around the moisture in your tissues, but if you sit for the majority of the day, then you may develop edema. This is a water retention condition that leads to swelling in your toes, feet and legs. If you have edema, then you might have frequent backaches.

Benefit 6: Eliminating Pressure on the Spinal Cord

Sitting can create pressure in the spinal cord that is protected by the vertebrae of the spine. Standing up frequently can eliminate this pressure that leads to acute discomfort in the back, helping you to live a normal lifestyle.

Benefit 7: Aligning the Neck with the Back

If you position your head in a forward position while sitting constantly, then it can create problems for your back. While standing up at a special desk, you are less likely to thrust your head forward. This will help to realign your neck with your back, preventing the frequent backaches that you can experience each day.


Listen to your body to discover which desk type is right for you. You can choose to have a desk that only permits standing to improve your back, but there are also adjustable desks that permit standing or sitting. Either way, see if your office’s Human Resources approves first, then make the right decision for your current bodily health.

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