3 Key Attributes of Successful Video Marketing

3 Key Attributes of Successful Video Marketing

The effectiveness of video marketing has seen exponential growth with the popularity of social media. Gone are the days of televised ads being the gold standard, with platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram offering the opportunity to market to your target audience with more precision.

Because the landscape of multimedia has shifted, there are a few unique strategies that stray from the traditional methods. Below we will cover some key points to focus on when developing an effective video marketing plan with online platforms.

Knowing Your Target Audience

The king of all video platforms, YouTube ranks as one of the most visited websites in the world. With over 70% of all adults in the United States using the site, it is nearly ubiquitous in terms of online entertainment. Although the numbers in the U.S. alone are staggering, they only make up 20% of all traffic that visits.

Finding out who your target audience is should be an obvious first step, but being able to get their eyes on your advertisement is the end goal. Because of the blanket coverage across all ages and ethnicities, reaching your target audience through YouTube is accessible regardless of your business. For instance, if you produce high-quality cell phone cases, placing preroll advertisements before videos on popular tech channels is a great first step. Their built-in audience clearly targets your market, so finding potential clients is as easy as a quick search on the platform.

Even if you are promoting videos on your own channel, audience interaction through the comments can be an invaluable tool in discerning what is resonating and what isn’t. The big ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ buttons are a clear indication, so you’ll always have a gauge of your success.

Customizing Videos for Various Platforms

Not all social media sites will suit a long-form advertisement the way YouTube does. Adjusting the content and length of your videos to retain an audience is important when transitioning over to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even Snapchat.

Twitter promotion will be the most similar to a traditional advertisement, with videos from various accounts providing a chance for preroll ads. Because Twitter shared videos tend to be shorter, prerolls should err on the side of brevity.

Snapchat is one of the more interesting platforms due to the untraditional formatting and content. Snapchat purely centers around the sharing of images and video, usually in a vertical aspect ratio while extremely short in length. This provides a unique opportunity to create ads in a similar format, combined with the captions and “stickers” that are native within the app. Adapting to the norms of the platform will be a more natural transition for your audience, meaning more effective outreach. Custom face filters are already being used by bigger brands, so creativity with your video marketing goes a long way in communicating your brand.

Understanding the Production Value and Budget

Akin to customizing the format and length of your videos depending on the platform, the production quality should marry that theme as well. While big-budget advertisements have been the norm for television, it’s important to understand it may be counterproductive across social media. Not only will a high production value advertisement dig a hole in your marketing budget, but it may also resonate less with your audience than something more modestly produced.

You’ll often see big corporations showcase their product with video promotion that is seemingly shot on an iPhone or similar device. This isn’t because they can’t afford a big budget advertisement, it’s because they are mimicking the content normally found on the platform. Keep these tactics in mind when developing your own marketing strategy, hopefully saving you money while simultaneously capturing the attention of your target audience.

Closing Thoughts

Effective video promotion online is changing just as fast as the websites themselves. Understanding the current trends, and subsequently predicting what the new trends will be, will keep you ahead of the curve while ensuring your promotion continues to effectively reach potential customers.

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