3 Major Reasons Your Family Needs a Generator

Power outages in homes can range from a minor problem to a significant inconvenience. The good thing is that a backup generator can prevent them. You can get a portable or a standby generator, the latter being so convenient for big homeowners with many electric appliances. Standby generators are more expensive than portable units, but they are more reliable and sufficient unlike the other. This is because natural gas or propane is rarely interrupted by weather, and they turn on automatically, so you don’t have to be home for them to work. With the strange weather patterns experienced over the years, it is best to have a backup generator in case the power unexpectedly goes out. Today’s generators offer more than an alternative to power because they can be installed in a way that suits your lifestyle.

1- A Generator Keeps Your Home Secure

Many smart devices in the house are electrically operated, and therefore in case of a more extended power outage, your security may be at risk. Some alarm system backup batteries last for not more than 24 hours, leaving you in turmoil hoping for power to come back soon. Installing a home generator will keep your homes secure by powering security devices during a power outage.

Between the snow and harsh weather conditions, power outages are a year-round threat in most countries in the world. With generators, a homeowner is assured of peace of mind since the generators ensure their loved ones are safe and protected in times of emergency like harsh weather conditions.

2- A Generator Prevents Home Damage

Whole-home generators start automatically when power goes off. With this advantage, you will not have to worry in case of a severe storm when you are away from home. It will keep your sump pump working to prevent water damage caused by floods, and you won’t have to deal with mold damage in your homestead.

The generator will also keep your refrigerator and freezer working during a blackout. You won’t encounter the loss of dealing with spoilt food when the power comes back. Moreover, heating, cooling and lighting systems would be at a decline in the absence of a backup generator when the power goes off. They also make your home valuable when selling it since a buyer will find it more convenient for their power supply. It also comes in handy if you have any medical equipment at home that uses electricity.

3- Generators Save on Money

As much as you will spend some good cash on their purchase and installation, they really save a lot of money in a few different ways. The generator will pay back the money in a few years’ time through the supply of power in times of shortages. First of all, you won’t have to replace spoilt food in your refrigerator especially if you had a large stock of stored food, let’s say chunks of meals. The money that would otherwise be used to replace food will be used for other purposes. In addition, if you use electrical equipment for food preparation, you will still be able to cook meals for you and your family rather than buying takeaways which might be expensive.

Another way they save money is that if your essential lights or air conditioner turn on when there is no power, you will feel secure and stay in your house even over the night. There will be no expense for a stay at the hotel where the air temperature is right, and there are lights to see. If you are a home-based worker, your computers, printers, and other work machines will continue to run during a power outage, and you will keep earning.

A home generator is a purchase that needs a lot of prior research. You first have to prioritize your needs to determine the type of generator you want. While a portable generator only powers essentials and a standby generator powers the whole house, you should use wattage calculators to determine how much power you need for your home before purchasing one. Though the portable generator is cheaper, it requires you to be around since it is operated manually unlike the automatic one. A standby generator is an excellent addition to any home for safety, security, and convenience.

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