3 Problems With Booking Your Vacation at the Last Minute

Improvised travel can sometimes be one of the most rewarding and crazy experiences you’ll ever have, but beware… it’s not all that great after a second glance. Imagine lounging on your sofa watching TV on a Friday night, a Bahamas commercial flashes alluring arguments for you to plunge into resort life for a weekend. You’re pumped, you’re inspired, you get up off your couch and start booking. Sounds exciting right? Perhaps not as exciting as you’d think, that is if you’re not fond of a few headaches. There are a few things you should keep in mind before booking a last minute vacation. Here are 3 of the biggest problems that you will most likely face during your impulse driven “holiday”.

1- Prices

When booking pretty much anything, time and patience are key. Keep in mind that flights will skyrocket in price if you book them two or three days before as opposed to booking them at least a week in anticipation. The problem lies with “competing” against other procrastinators that are just as eager to jump on that plane as yourself.

When it comes to popular vacation destinations, airlines are fully aware that any free seats will sell like pancakes, and so any reasonable prices are thrown out the window and inflated to ensure that they make the most out of your money. Beware and don’t think that somehow you’ll get a bargain for a last minute flight to “Cancun” or “Antigua” because you won’t! If you think that tickets are the only thing that will cost you a pretty penny think again, your resort hotel will also be raising an eye the moment they see you booking 5 hours before your arrival.

Remember, they want to get the most bang for their buck and as long as you’re not vacationing in Nebraska, prices will definitely match the demand and your wallet will notice. Not only will last minute travels limit how much you can stretch your money, but it will limit what you were willing to spend it all on.

2- Limited Choice

When it comes to vacationing, the early bird always gets the worm. Remember that Bahamas commercial you saw with the fantastic spa package? That package still exists of course but here’s the thing… It’s all sold out. You can’t expect to get the same variety that was advertised when you first jumped the gun to go away last minute, you’re going to have to settle and you’re going to have to make a few concessions to at the very least get a package that is remotely similar to the one you wanted.

The problem lies in that you’re not the only human on the planet that needs to de-stress and upload a few beach pictures to Facebook. Apparently everyone wants to do that already, and so if you wanted to first get that complementary massage before running over to the beach you should’ve waited in line. Since you probably won’t want to be stuck in the resort all day (especially in a room you didn’t originally want) you might want to go on an improvised tour, except, SURPRISE you won’t have an itinerary.

3- Scheduling Conflicts

Oftentimes it’s fun to not have a plan and simply go where the wind takes you. It’s an incredible way to travel and get the most of your time abroad, however it shouldn’t be your entire trip. Itineraries are crucial to squeeze all the sightseeing you possibly can and take time to complete.

When you book last minute, your itineraries go from being a complete package to an assortment of individual tours. It can become near impossible to find tours and activities that don’t conflict when you’re late to the game. Making sure that your vacation wasn’t in vain takes planning and it takes a proper blueprint of everything you plan on seeing. If your sightseeing package is no longer available, your itinerary will just be guesswork.

Vacationing with forbearance is your most important asset, and will make the difference between a nightmarish time and a daydream, so don’t forget to book with anticipation. Remember to also have plenty of ideas just in case one destination won’t work out unexpectedly.

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