3 Steps for Selling Your House on a Short Timetable

Selling your home is a difficult process. Sellers often need to deal with many factors including the present housing market in their area and nationalĀ mortgage rates. Sellers who want to move fast face additional challenges. A homeowner may need to sell a home quickly for many reasons. Some people have a new job in another far away area. Others have financial problems that make it hard for them to pay the mortgage. Some sellers simply dislike their present area and want to move away as fast as possible. Those sellers who want to sell their home and sell them really fast can take a few basic steps to accomplish their goals. These include pricing considerations, reducing the amount of clutter in the home and being flexible with their buyers about specifics such asĀ closing dates. Sellers who can reach out to buyers and understand their wants and needs are sellers who are likely to sell their home fast no matter the local housing market or national mortgage rates.

Price it Right

For most buyers, the first consideration when looking for a home is the home’s price. Many buyers will not even look at a home that is above the top of their home budget. Homeowners who want to sell fast should be aware of local housing prices. It’s a good idea to have a close look at what homes have sold for in the past year before the sale. Comps from a real estate agent can indicate what is probably a realistic price. A home seller who wants to sell their home quickly should price their home as close as possible to the average selling price for similar homes in their immediate area. This is an indication to buyers and real estate agents that the home seller is serious about selling and understands the price their home is likely to bring once it is on the market.

Clear Out the Home

Another crucial step when it comes to selling a home is getting the home in selling shape before it’s on the market. Most buyers are looking for a large, blank slate. They want to see a home that they can make their own. They don’t want to see evidence of the seller’s personality. This is why sellers need to reduce the amount of clutter and objects in their home. Any seller should do the legwork before they put the home on the market. This means getting rid of everything that is not necessary such as knickknacks, books, extra furnishings such as occasional tables and even appliances. After the excess is removed from the space, the seller should then paint each room in the house colors that help expand the existing space. A home seller looks for colors that do not indicate the personality of the previous owner. Louder colors such as bright purples, dark greens and vivid yellows will instantly turn off many buyers the second they see the home. They worry that it will be hard to get rid of these colors once they’ve moved in. White, grey and light pastel colors are best as they appeal to a wide range of buyers. Homes that appear to have lots of space are highly appealing to buyers and likely to bring in offers even in buyer’s market. A well decorated home in a seller’s market is likely to sell even faster and even bring in offers above the actual asking price.

Flexibility With Buyers

In addition to pricing the home well and cleaning it out, sellers should consider being flexible if they want to sell and sell fast. A home seller who can be out of the home quickly makes it possible for the buyers to move in fast. Home sellers who can allow the buyers to sell their own home are also likely to see many offers. If the seller can offer financing, this can also help bring in more buyers and more potential offers.

These simple and easy steps make it easy to sell a home quickly in any housing market. Attention to detail, a willingness to price the home correctly and the ability to meet buyer’s needs are crucial.

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