4 Benefits of Taking our Dog to a Swimming Pool

Not all dogs love swimming, but most dogs are fine with the water. If your dog loves to go swimming int eh water, you can take your dog more often to the pool. yes, swimming is not an activity exclusive to humans. Dogs also reap the benefits of good water aerobics.

Fulfilling Playtime

The most obvious reason to take your dog to the pool is for it to exercise. You know how hyper your dog can become from standing inside and waiting impatiently to be taken for a walk. Unlike a simple walk, running and swimming in the pool requires much more energy that your dog can finally release.

This level of activity keeps your dog healthy and playing at an optimum level. Swimming is a sport that is beneficial for the whole body and all the muscles including the heart. When the dog swims, it can adapt to the water environment really quickly.

Dogs are natural when it comes to swimming. They have lots of fun and derive great pleasure in crossing the pool. Some dogs can spend hours in the water. To add even more fun to the activities, you can bring along a ball or another floating object that your dog can swim towards and fetch.

Stimulating Activity

Just like us, dogs do not fare well with boredom. Keeping the dog at home all day without any stimulating activity can cause the dog to stunt its natural cognitive abilities. Activities that are rich in stimulation, like swimming and playing in the water, make sure your dog is kept focused and alert. The time spent in the water lets your dog experience their own mind and brings an element of diversity in their lives.

Cooling Off

A temperature advantage of swimming for dogs is the cooling properties of the water. If you are someone close to a lake or a pool on a hot summer day with your four-legged friend, you might notice them panting and breathing heavily. It is almost natural for the dog to reach for the water. Hot weather gives dogs a hard time as they do not sweat to release the heat as humans do. The only way for a dog to cool off is through the air coming from their mouth. Imagine the heat generated as they play around in the sun and are covered in all that hair. You can help your dog cool off by giving it plenty of water and by letting it go into the water. When your dog is overwhelmed by the heat, it will be more than happy to take a dive into the cool water pool.

Release Excess Energy

You know how hyper your dog can be. If your dog is young, it can be hard to get them to rest with you after you have come home from work in the later part of the day. If you did not have the chance to walk them, the difference between their energy levels and yours can be dramatic. If you have the chance of taking your dog swimming, you have an activity at your hand that will leave them crushed. After a day by the waterside and swimming, your dog is guaranteed to sleep like a baby. It might even be hard for you to wake them up afterward.

Safety First

There are some dogs that are a little suspicious of the water at first. If you are sure that your dog can swim but does not want to enter the water, consider giving them a treat to make them enter. Once the dog dives into the water and learns all the fun of it, you will have a hard time getting them out of the water. If your dog cannot swim, you will still want to give them the chance to experience this amazing fun. You can purchase a life jacket which will allow them to be with you in the water.

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