4 Important Facts to Know When Purchasing a Cigar Online

Unfortunately, not everyone has a great cigar shop in their neighborhood. Even if you do have one, there may be some cigars that you want that are only available online. Buying cigars online can be a little difficult, because they are not actually in your hands. There are some important things to consider when you are measuring the quality of cigars just by a picture and online description.

Like any other online purchase, you may get a few duds before you find something that fits your preferences. You want to buy a cigar that offers you a unique smoking experience. Here are the “Big Four” standards to keep in mind when you buy cigars online:

1. Consider The Color

You have probably heard that a cigar’s flavor is represented by the color of its wrapper. This is a myth. There is no way that you can just look at a wrapper and tell that it has the flavor you prefer. Although wrappers do not indicate an excellent cigar flavor, you can often tell quality by them. A quality cigar will have a consistent leaf color in its wrapper, says cigaraficionado.com. All of the cigars in a single package should match in color and texture. You should not see rips, discoloration, or other blemishes.

2. How Are The Cigars Constructed?

Cigars are made of natural materials, so each cigar may be slightly different—even in the same package. Still, the taste and quality of the tobacco used should be consistent. You can expect the color and shape of hand-rolled cigars to be a little different, but their taste should be uniform. A good cigar brand should burn through consistently, from start to finish. Poor quality cigars often fall apart when they are smoked. They are a total waste of money.

In order to find the best online cigar deals, you should be familiar with the parts of a cigar. It helps you consider the cigar’s construction better. This knowledge is also handy when you are negotiating prices with an online vendor. This is the anatomy of a cigar:

  • The outside tobacco lining of a cigar is called its wrapper.
  • The sealed end of the cigar that goes in the mouth is called the head. Before you smoke the cigar, you have to cut off about 1/16th of an inch. Never bite it off! Use a cigar guillotine or a sharp knife for cutting your cigars, advises wikihow.com.
  • The end that you light is called the foot.
  • Cigars are stuffed with filler, which is a pleasant blend of dried, fermented tobacco.
  1. How Does The Cigar Burn?

Sometimes, you may find a cigar that is filled incorrectly. It can either have too much filler or not enough. A cigar will not burn smoothly if it is poorly constructed. A quality cigar will burn evenly at a smooth pace. If the burn is uneven, the cigar was not made right and is poor quality.

Good construction is also evident in the falling ashes. A properly made cigar will have an intact ash of at least an inch before it falls. This is just a testament to the cigar’s construction, not its quality.

4. How Are The Cigars Packed?

There are varying opinions as to how cigars should be packed for shipment. It just stands to reason that a premium cigar manufacturer would pay close attention to their design and packaging. Careless packaging can cause damage to the product. This is something that you should expect when you order cigars online:

  • Look at the packing box itself. It should be made of sturdy cardboard and should be large enough for adequate padding.
  • Your packing box should be loaded with bubble wrap or packaging peanuts to keep the cigars safe while being shipped.
  • The cigars should also be sealed in waterproof plastic. If they are exposed to moisture while in transit, it will affect the build and taste. You will end up with a box of ruined cigars. This is why they need to be sealed in plastic.

When you consider these tips, you will be more apt to finding a quality cigar. There are plenty of wonderful smokes on the market, so do not limit yourself to one. You should also keep your cigars in a humidor that is lined with Spanish cedar, to keep out odors. Have fun building your cigar collection with carefully-considered online purchases.

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