4 Important Steps When Caring for Hair Extensions

Let’s be absolutely honest here; if it wasn’t for hair extensions, most of Hollywood’s leading ladies would be lost. The popular faux hair enhancers have revolutionized the way women see their manes today. In other words, “Short hair, don’t care.” You can always “grow” instant longer locks in sheer minutes or hours, depending on the type of faux hair you choose and the stylist who attaches it.

Just because you’re born with fine, limp hair doesn’t have to determine your unlucky DNA forever.

Hair extensions have become major fashion accessories because a new color, length and texture is up to you. You can instantly transform your look from head to toe; just ask television’s most famous reality star Kim Kardashian West. The raven-haired beauty has been coy about wearing them, but one of her stylists has told beauty magazines that he has often clipped in his favorite 32-inch hair extensions on the star’s mane.

Iconic model Christie Brinkley wears extensions at age 63 to pump up the volume, she revealed to the HuffingtonPost.

Whether you’re a famous celebrity, model or just doing your thing nine-to-five, all hair extensions require proper, tender loving attention to maintain their quality, bounce and shine.

1. Choose your shampoos and conditioners properly, say professional stylists. That means getting used to a no sulfates way of life. Refinery29 says it’s simple; treat your extensions like you would your natural hair. Avoid hair care products containing alcohol, harsh chemicals like sulfates, oils and heavy conditioners.

Instead, wash and nourish your new long locks with organic formulas that don’t damage the extensions or dry them out.

2. Brushing hair extensions require a new, kinder and gentler technique. Cosmopolitan magazine says the rules change when you’re sporting faux hair. Extensions need brushing daily to maintain cleanliness and separate strands to avoid matted tresses.

Celebrity stylists recommend that brushing carefully from end to root will help keep you from being carefree with the brush and possibly getting it stuck in the extensions. Working the brush up to the extensions and scalp from the end makes sense; you avoid tugging and pulling the hair.

The type of brush also matters when it’s being used for hair extensions. The experts advise investing in a soft bristle brush that won’t cause strain on the connection points.

3. If you opt for premium 100% human hair extensions, then you can treat them with the styling options of natural hair. You can get a lot of mileage out of various styling products and styling tools.

For example, human hair extensions can be flat-ironed or curled with a wand. You can add incredible volume and lift to your new bigger hair.

You can also spray on volumizing gels, hairsprays, mousses, etc. Your hair extensions can take the extra styling steps and offer glorious shine and manageability.

Don’t be afraid to wet your extensions because they will dry and bounce back to their original form. Some women enjoy coloring their faux hair.

If you choose to wear synthetic hair extensions, then your styling options are more limited. If the hair is not real, then you must treat it delicately like a Barbie Doll’s hair. Too much heat will frizz, kink it or melt the extensions.

There are heat-friendly synthetic extensions that offer a larger range of styling options.

4. Stay within your hair extensions lane. That means abiding by the hair extensions time limit. Faux hair is a gorgeous accessory, but even extensions have an expiration date. Your stylist will know exactly when it’s time to remove them.

If you ignore the time frame, you risk adding damage to your hair. Your hair expert will be able to properly remove them.

After that, it’s time for some heavy duty conditioning treatments for your real, natural locks. There are wonderful intensive conditioning masks to try.

Post hair extensions removal, your entire mane might feel like it’s thinned or fallen out. Your head has been used to the volume and heavier hair, and now, everything is back to normal. Don’t freak out; this is your natural hair.

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