4 Reasons to Buy at Wholesale Prices Instead of Clipping Coupons

Everyone knows that buying at wholesale and clipping coupons are ways to save money. Still, which of the two ends up saving you more?

You would be surprised to know that, although shoppers prefer coupons over wholesale, there is more to a product than just its price.

Amount of Product

This is an easy one. If you get more of what you need, you shop for it less, whether with or without a coupon. Shopping less means saving money in the long run, gas and mileage, not to mention time.

Why not just buy in bulk and store? If what you want is instant availability in the household, and a long lasting product, the best suggestion is to get the highest bulk amount at the lowest price.


An issue with a lot of coupon clippers is that they end up hoarding rather than using their items. They also clip and purchase stuff that will not be used and may end up perishing. Some couponers end up selling products forward, still claiming that they save hundreds of dollars. They actually do save a lot but, on what, exactly?

I am not sure than an average family of four needs a stockpile of 100 tubes of toothpaste just because someone had coupons for it. However, if we calculate a tube per person, per week, brushing twice a day, then the average family of four may need approximately 20 tubes of toothpaste to last more than 6 months.

This being said one single bulk purchase of toothpaste will eliminate the need to go to the store to replenish in a good amount of time. Coupons do not always give you that freedom.

Family Usage

Usability, the previous pointer, has to do with what something is used for. Family usage refers to how much usage it gets by the family unit on a normal basis.

Going back to the toothpaste example, we know what toothpaste is for, and now we know how much it is expected to last. Now, consider how are the habits of the family regarding the use of the product before you think about whether you should clip for a smaller purchase or make a bulk purchase in one single trip.

If your family uses a product more than the average family, then wholesale shopping is your best bet. Suppose that you have a child with braces and/or you guys are adamant on preventing cavities. Preventive tooth care means using products with more urgency and frequency than the typical buyer.

Therefore, add usability and family usage together and what you get is a true need to have as much of a product available at home, with the least amount of store trips possible. Wholesale can help you achieve this.

Storing Qualities

Now we get to the most poignant decision maker on the “clip versus bulk” debate. Let’s talk about how long a product can remain in storage at home before it is used. We have already discussed that extreme couponers tend to hoard and stuff their closets with tons of different things that may or may not get used.

Therefore, before you feed the need to use coupons to buy in bulk, think about what articles you will actually end up using, how much of it is actually needed, and how long can it remain untouched without losing its value.

An example of these types of items are snacks. Whether you are single, or living with a family unit, you want to have snacks readily available for whatever comes your way. The issue with couponers is their tendency to buy things that they are not entirely sure that they will need. Hence, their 30 packs of whatever snack they got for a few cents per unit may end up perishing in a pantry, thus wasting money and time consumed.

Meanwhile, if you really look at your eating habits, you may find that you only need a specific amount of a product, and that it will last you long enough to save yourself from having to go get it at the store again.

Think about snack crackers, for example. Wholesale stores are famous for carrying large packages of these crackers in different flavors, from cheese to peanut butter, and many other options.

A bulk-sized, 36-pack of these snack crackers will last around week and a half in a family of four, and much longer in a single or dual household. 2 of these bulk packages will have a good storage life of about a month or more, and will last long enough for you not to have to buy them again until the next monthly paycheck.

Moreover, they will still be fresh enough to eat, and they will be consumed at maximum. This is what a good, money-saving purchase really looks like.

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