4 Tips for Cleaning Your Retractable Awning

4 Tips for Cleaning Your Retractable Awning
Owning a home can be a lot of work. There are many things around the house that need to be properly maintained so they continue working as they should. One thing many homeowners have which needs proper maintenance and cleaning regularly is a retractable awning. Retractable awnings are great for shielding your home from the damaging and hot rays of the sun, especially during the summer months.

They are a great investment to have and keeping them properly cleaned and maintained will allow you to have them for many years to come. While you may consider hiring a company to clean your awnings for you, there are many great tips you can follow to clean and maintain it yourself.

Regular Cleanings

In between deep cleanings, you should regularly keep your retractable awning tidy. The easiest way to give it a good cleaning is to lay it down and spray it with your hose at least once a month. Doing this regularly can be simple and no hard scrubbing will be necessary. If you go a little longer without basic cleaning, you may need to use a mild soap and gentle scrubber to get hard to remove stains off. Remember to allow it to dry completely before you retract it.

Keep Retractable Awnings Dry

Anyone who has owned a retractable awning for any amount of time will warn you that letting your awning collect rainwater or heavy dew on a regular basis can destroy it and will lead to rust developing. Excess moisture can also cause the fabric to lose its color and sometimes stretch. Even worse, the moisture will provide a suitable breeding ground for mold and insects. If possible, be sure to retract your awning anytime harsh weather is on its way.

Operate Retractable Awning Properly

It is important for the care and maintenance of your retractable awning to be sure you properly operate it at all times. Whenever extending the awning or retracting it, do it carefully. Keep in mind that the fabric of your awning should be rolling and unfolding from the top of your retractable awning’s tube.

Keep Away From Plants And Vegetation

To keep your retractable awning cleaner, make sure no vegetation is near it and able to creep up and entangle with it. Any trees, shrubs or other plants should be at a safe distance from your retractable awning, especially the moving mechanisms. Certain plants give off chemicals that may end up damaging the fabric of your awning or corroding the metal parts.

Keep Eye Out For Rust Developing

One of the most important tips for properly taking care of your retractable awning involves keeping an eye out for the development of rust. Even homeowners who take all preventive measures and give their retractable awning the best care can end up finding damage on it. Anytime you see a small amount of rust developing, be sure to scrape it off gently before it spreads. It is vital for you to regularly roll and unfold your awning to check for rust deposits and to maintain the use of the mechanisms.

Keep Rolled Up During Inclement Weather

Retractable awnings were designed to give homeowners protection from the sun. It should never be used when there is snow, rain, strong winds or hail. Leaving your retractable awning open during inclement weather will result in damage, mold and discoloration of the fabric.

Lubricate Moving Mechanisms

Another important tip for keeping your retractable awning clean and working properly is to regularly lubricate all of the moving parts. For most retractable awnings, lubrication should be done at least once a year using a dry silicone spray. The end of your retractable awning’s roller tube is often the area that needs lubrication the most. Be sure not to get any of the lubrication’s spray onto your fabric because it could cause discoloration.

When you are looking to escape the sun’s harmful and hot rays during the summertime, a retractable awning can be the perfect option. The awnings allow you to enjoy time outside more comfortably. Because a retractable awning can be a big investment, it is important to regularly clean it and maintain it so it will last you many years to come.

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