4 Unique Uses for a Unicorn Bottle

The ability to take full advantage of a product is rooted in the creativity necessary to see unique ways those products can be used. By looking to expand the utility of an item after it has seemingly fulfilled its purpose, you can reduce your costs for other projects. This is basically nothing more than recycling, and unicorn bottles are one of the easiest items to properly recycle at home by putting it to use once it has been emptied. Most unicorn bottles are used to distribute e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, but they have so much more potential. A unicorn bottle is essentially a medicine dropper without a separate bottle, which makes it ideal for any utility that requires small amounts of valuable liquids. A few creative uses for unicorn bottles are detailed below to help get your creativity juices flowing.

  1. Cooking Infusions

Unicorn bottles come in many different sizes, but they are typically small enough to hold just a few ounces of liquid. This is the perfect size for storing any infusions that you’ve created for your favorite dishes. Perhaps you have a recipe for butter infused with several herbs, or an oil infused with spicy peppers. Unicorn bottles can easily hold these liquids and administer them in exceptionally small, controlled doses. You can use these bottles to store any sort of liquid-based food item, like hot sauce, thin dressings, and even food stocks. Unicorn bottles can also be used for thin spices like salt and pepper. Certain bottles might require a bit of the spout to be removed for adequate spice flow, but many bottles already have large enough spouts for squeezing out acceptable amounts of salt and pepper.

  1. Administering Medication

This use might seem a bit obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people overlook this function. Unicorn bottles offer the same utility as a medicine dropper, so they can be substituted for droppers in scenarios where the dropper might not be sufficient. For instance, you could easily store thicker medications such as ointments and lotions in unicorn bottles. This makes it easy to apply them directly to the affected area in the exact amount required for the task. They can also be used to administer fully liquid medications and remedies, which might include hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol.

  1. Arts and Crafts

Unicorn bottles make excellent tools for storing and using many different art supplies, including paint, glue, and glitter. By taking advantage of the small output volume of a unicorn bottle, artists can essentially use them as paint pens by squeezing the paint out in a slow and steady pace, much like hot glue from a glue gun. Liquid glues can also be used in this way. A unicorn bottle can easily be used to apply small amounts of white glue to an art project, and something as small as a safety pin can be used to remove any dried glue from the bottle’s spout. Even glitter, which is clearly not a liquid, can be used through a unicorn bottle thanks to the particulate nature of the material. This utility is more suited for creating fine lines with glitter as opposed to covering an entire swath.

  1. Homemade Eye Drops

If you’ve ever gotten red, irritated eyes, you are probably aware of how valuable relief can be. Over-the-counter eyedrops can deliver results, but they often create a tolerance effect in the body, which makes it that much more difficult for the same medicine to remain a viable option. However, with the combination of homemade eyedrops and a unicorn bottle, you can experience relief from red eyes in a much safer and sustainable way. Making homemade eyedrops is exceedingly simple. Start by mixing equal parts milk and honey, but make sure the milk is a bit warm so the honey will easily blend with it. Once the milk and honey are blended, they will not separate, so the new mixture will remain fully liquid even after it cools. Place the mixture in the unicorn bottle and use it exactly as you would over-the-counter eye drops. Several applications per day with two or three drops per application should be sufficient.

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