5 Benefits to Screening in a Porch

5 Benefits to Screening in a Porch

While your deck can become the heart of your home, it can be difficult to enjoy. The outdoor elements can prevent you from enjoying this space all four seasons of the year. While an open-air deck is great for enjoying the outdoors, you may want a screened-in porch for those hotter days and nights. All throughout America, the classic deck or porch is being replaced by the sunroom.

How can you combine the indoors with the outdoors? A screened-in porch is the best option for families and individuals. Families can use it to keep their kids safe and to add privacy. For individuals, a screened-in porch is ideal for entertaining. Here are five major benefits of having a screened-in porch.

1 – Added Privacy

One major benefit of a screened-in porch is that it provides shade on some of the sunniest and hottest days of the year. They add an element of privacy to any porch. When your deck is transformed into a sunroom, you’ll receive the privacy you need. That means no one can see into your home.

Even though the screen is see-through, it still keeps out unwanted guests. If you want to add a barrier to your street-facing porch, then a screened-in porch can offer the protection you’re looking for. This screen can also provide protection from neighbors and outside elements. It can also add a sense of privacy by blocking out noises that would take place in your yard, such as baseball games, kids playing, or parties.

2 – Keeps Bugs Away

Who needs bugs flying around you when you’re sitting outside on a summer night? A screened-in porch is a great way to keep those summer nights bug-free as you entertain your guests. While you can do most of these activities indoors, you can’t enjoy the great outdoors and the sounds of the summer. This can also make eating outside more pleasure, as your screened-in porch will remain clean.

This is the perfect way to get closer to the great outdoors. And bugs will only become a passing nuisance since the screen will keep it away. In addition, wild animals will also stay away from your porch thanks to your screen.

3 – Extends Your Living Room

Most people have decks, front porches, and patios that they rarely use. It can be hot to enjoy these spaces in the summertime, making them impractical. Your screened-in porch also becomes an immediate extension of your living room. Rather than being a separate addition, your screened-in porch will blend in nicely and provide another functional room for your home.

You’ll reap the benefits of a screened-in porch. You’ll get the extra space you need without having to knock down walls or spend money on a renovation project. You’ll get to experience the outdoors while enjoying the comforts of home. You’ll find that a screened-in porch is very easy to maintain.

4 – Use it Year Round

You can enjoy your screened-in porch all 12 months of the year. That’s not the case with a deck or patio. You’ll probably neglect it by late October or late November. A screened-in porch is ideal for keeping your outdoor furniture and belongings safe during the winter months. It offers protection from heavy rains and strong winds.

5 – Becomes a Playroom for Everyone

A screened-in porch gives you a play area for your children. This enclosed space is safe enough for playtime. You don’t have to worry about bugs, dirt, or strangers interrupting. You can cover the floor with mats or rugs that your children can crawl or run on.

Your children don’t have to have all the fun. One of the best uses for a screened-in porch is to provide a space to entertain friends and family. You can use it as your own bar or dining space. Or, you can easily install a bookshelf that holds a few bottles of of your favorite liquor.

This guide should encourage you to get a screened-in porch. It can save you money from adding a room in your home. The investment is well worth the privacy and enjoyment that you’ll get out of it. A screened-in porch is perfect for anyone, including those with children who love to run around on the deck.

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