5 Exciting Items of Clothing to Buy After Weight Loss

5 Exciting Items of Clothing to Buy After Weight Loss

Weight loss can be an exciting, but stressful time when it comes to replacing your clothing and figuring out what fits your new body. To ensure that you don’t waste money and find clothes that fits the new you the best, there are a couple things to consider before shopping and a few key pieces that you definitely want to add to the top of your shopping list.

Take the time to get to know what parts of your body have changed the most, whether it’s your waistline, your shoulders, or weight in your appendages. Weight loss in any stage of life, in any area of your body, should be measured and then you should determine the closest body type your new body fits into so that you can purchase clothes that best fits and flatters.

These are some of the most exciting items of clothing to buy after weight loss that require a more fit sizing.

A Fitted Dress

Women will want to buy new fitted dresses that not only look great on you, but flatter your new body shape and accentuate any new curves you have. There are so many different styles of dresses, from A-line to wrap dresses to tunics, but each style looks best on a different shape. A dress can be a key item in your new wardrobe, but should be chosen for how it fits at your hips, over your bust, and at the waistline for the best fit and flatter.

A Fitted Blazer

A fitted blazer is a great piece of clothing to show off your new body. Blazers look best when they are cut to the waist, shoulders, and arms of the wearer, so having a new blazer that doesn’t hang loose or is too big is a great wardrobe item. For this item of clothing it is necessary to make sure that you have a great fit in all the areas of the blazer as they are generally cut to accentuate different areas of the body. Choose a new blazer that is comfortable, but well fitted but not restricting.

Fitted Jeans

Jeans are perhaps one of the hardest items for anyone of any size to find in the perfect fit. But after some weight loss, jeans are also an incredible item to purchase in your new size because a slimmer pant size instantly slims your entire figure. For jeans, you want to make sure you have as accurate of an idea of your new measurements as possible in order to find the best fitting pair. This might take shopping around and trying on various brands as not all cuts and styles will fit the same measurement sizes the same way.

Fitted Bras

For women, a fitted bra is key to both comfort and support, so it is essential that you shop for this piece of clothing after significant weight loss. Bras and other undergarments are expensive, and if they do not fit you correctly they can cause pain or discomfort that leaves you feeling awkward as you move throughout the day. For this item of clothing, gain the assistance of a knowledgeable shop attendant who can help fit you into the perfect size bra or undergarment for your current size.

A New Belt

While a new belt might not seem like a huge or important piece of clothing, it can make all the difference when it comes to your new size. Weight loss is a gradual event, so as you move through sizes your waist size will be continuously changing and a new belt can make the transition a lot smoother and budget friendly. With a new belt you won’t always have to purchase new pants, but can size down your belt to fit your new waist size. Doing this can stretch out the life of both your old and new pants that you need to buy as you slim down.
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