5 Fashion Items Every College Female Should Own

College is the perfect time to experiment with fashion. You are at the awesome age where you can pull off youthful, trendy looks and also more sophisticated, classic looks and still look appropriate. When the occasion calls for setting aside your comfy college logo hoodie here are the top five items you should have in your closet.

Every woman needs at least one pair of great jeans. The kind that fits like they were made for you and complements your assets. A great pair of jeans can go from a daytime lecture to a nighttime date, especially if it is a dark wash. Try on a few different fits and styles to make sure you get a pair that flatters your body type. Trendy means nothing if you are sporting a major muffin top. You can pair your jeans with your beloved hoodie, a tank or even a dressy blouse. Basically the right jeans will take you almost anywhere you want to go.

Stand out at the football game by wearing a fitted jacket. A fitted jacket is another piece that will be versatile and flattering. You can wear it for a casual event and also to a job interview when the occasion arises. Fabrics range from faux leather to a classic wool blazer making it easy to find one that will go with your own unique style. Bonus, a fitted jacket is usually slimming for those that don’t desire the extra bulk of heavy layers.

While we are on the subject of layers, a well made basic tee is essential. Just like the other items that have been listed so far, a basic tee shirt can be dressed up or down, and can also serve as the base for many different layered looks. It is a must-have in many capsule wardrobes year round. Look for one that is not a super thin material so it will last through several washings. Neutral colors like gray, navy, white or black will give you the most mileage. If it is organic cotton and ethically made, even better. Choose a neckline and fit that flatter your body. Boxy, oversized and down to your knees tees need not apply.

There is a lot of hype in fashion about owning the perfect little black dress. As a young and fashionable female you have some alternative options. Enter the statement skirt. A statement skirt can be dressed up or down, is party perfect and fresh. Look for a length that hits mid calf and is lace, metallic or silky. You can wear it over and over again by pairing it with different tops, footwear and accessories and have a new and exciting look each time. This can be worn at more formal events such as holiday parties, or even out for lunch with a friend. You can take it from feminine, to bohemian, to even punk rock with creatively pairing it. There are endless possibilities with a statement skirt.

We can’t forget your feet. The last must-have for your wardrobe is a pair of boots that rock your world and kick all the other pieces in your outfit up a notch. Look for a quality made leather, or faux leather if you prefer, boot in a basic color. There are so many available styles, but if you can pull off a heel it will elevate the sophistication to another level. Just make sure if you plan to wear them all day to do a comfort check. There is nothing fashionable about grimacing in pain while running to your next class. Fashion boots can be pulled off in seasons fall through spring in many locations which makes them a good investment. If you are up to the challenge, pair them with a sundress in the summer for an amazing and unexpected look. And great news, you can even wear them with your hoodie and jeans on those days you want to pull it out.

Each of these five fashion items can be made to be as classic, or as trendy, as you wish. Build on these basics with your own personal style preferences to look and dress your very best for whatever situation life throws at you.

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