5 Important Actions To Take Immediately After Water Damage

5 Important Actions To Take Immediately After Water Damage

A flood is one of the more persistent natural disasters that wreak havoc in areas across the country and world. They cost billions in damage to homes and properties every year. Preserving your home or business after a flood or water leak can be tedious and daunting. There are some things you can do immediately after to help lead you on the path to a full recovery. Below are some of the important actions you should consider taking once the threat has passed.

The sad reality is that water damage to your property can only get worse the longer you hesitate to take action. A disaster such as a flood or water main break can be upsetting and very overwhelming when there are property and lives at stake. It is important to try your best to be prepared in the event there is water damage so that you can get your property restored as quickly as possible before further damage occurs.

1. Keep Monitoring Situation Of Flood

Even when the floodwaters start to recede, it is important to remember there can still be many other dangers present. Continue monitoring the local media and all emergency reports. Make sure the roads around your home or business are drivable and stay vigilant of emergency vehicles needing to get by while they’re assisting others during the disaster recovery phase.

2. Protect Your Home and Family

All forms of water damage can end up harming your health and the safety of you and your family because of contamination, rushing waters and the growth of mold. In order to protect yourself and your possessions, take some of the following actions to mind.

•If the threat of flooding is happening, evacuate the area until local authorities say it is safe to return.

•Turn off the electricity to your home by switching off your circuit breakers and unplugging any devices still plugged in.

•If it is safe, collect your most valuable items such as your insurance documents and important electronics.

•When you reenter your building or home, be sure to wear rubber gloves, protective clothing and waterproof boots for safety.

3. Stop the Source of Water Damage

The next step to take is to identify the source of the water and make sure it gets stopped as soon as possible. Unless it is a natural flooding event, the most common cause of your water damage will be from a burst pipe or a leak from your water heater. Is important for homeowners to know where their shutoff valves are and how to use them. If the weather service is predicting a flood in your area, take preventive measures such as sandbagging or building a ditch around your home.

4. Contact Your Insurance Agent

Your insurance company is supposed to help you during a claim. They should be a priority when dealing with water damage and should be able to help you navigate through an emergency. Call your agent as soon as the damage occurs to find out what steps you need to take under your policy. Your insurance company will most likely send out an adjuster to the property to document any damage done and complete an estimate of how much it will cost for repairs. If you are able to safely, take pictures of any damaged areas and valuables that are affected. Keep records and receipts of all transactions regarding the recovery process.

5. Let Things Dry Out

Not all of your possessions will be completely unsalvageable after water contact. However, this will depend on whether or not the water was contaminated. Many of your items can be dried within 24 hours and will take a few days to finish drying enough so that mold doesn’t grow. The following are some tips to take into consideration.

•Use dehumidifiers and fans in all wet rooms to help dry the area.

•Remove wet furniture from flooded areas.

•Hire a restoration company to help you get your home or business cleaned up. Proper cleaning after water damage is essential to lessen the risk of mold and mildew growth. Even when you work with a restoration company, the process can take weeks for a company to completely finish and clean up your space after water damage.

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