5 Safety Items Every College Freshman Needs

Going to college should be a fun and rewarding experience for the person who ventures out on this journey. It is common for people to have at least a little apprehension about what they are getting themselves into though. They may very well worry that they are going to be the victim of some kind of crime. It is unfortunate that we have to think about this, but the truth is that we can definitely understand why some might feel that way. Today we want to take a look at some of the items that a college freshman should bring along with them to protect themselves.

WearSafe Tag

This is a unique bit of technology that you can sync up with your phone to allow you to make a call from your phone even if it is not on you at the time. It is a little piece of technology that you can carry on your person with you at any point in time. If you feel the need to press the button you will be immediately linked up to make a phone call from your phone even if it is not there with you.

Compact Safe

You might have some valuables that are in your possession when you go off to college. Even thought you are just a college student at this point, you probably have at least a few small electronics or other items that you would like to keep safe. That is important because you might find yourself living in a dorm with another person that you barely know. At least if you have a compact safe you can keep your things to yourself.

Pepper Spray

It is not uncommon for college students to feel the need to care some kind of defensive weapon that they could use in the event that they are approached by someone who means to do them harm.

Female students in particular may find it necessary to carry pepper spray with them. Although every student hopes that he or she never has to use it, having pepper spray on them is incredibly important. It may save a person from having to become the victim of something truly terrible. It is not something that we want to have to think about, but we all know what lurks out there.

A Good Flashlight

You just never know when the power is going to go out or there may be some other problem that arises while you are on campus. While you have the tools of the trade to get through a power outage while you are at home, the fact is that you may experience this very same thing while you are on your college campus. Those who fail to prepare for this possibility face the very real possibility of just having to struggle through it.

good flashlight is a must have for a college freshman. You might just store it away in a box somewhere until it is needed, but having one with you is important.

Doorstop Alarm

This last one is a bit of a stretch for some, but you might find it useful nonetheless. Imagine that you want to have some peace of mind at night when you lay down your head to go to sleep. Perhaps the easiest and most straightforward way to make that happen is to have a doorstop alarm ready to go to alert you if someone attempts to enter your room in the middle of the night.

The important thing to remember about this one is that you need to let your roommate know that you are planning on using this and make sure that they are securely in the room before you set it up. You don’t want alarms going off when your roommate attempts to enter the room that the two of you now share.

Any of these items are technically optional, but having them may make you more confident in your security as a student on a college campus. It is not out of the realm of normal to want to use these types of items to keep yourself safe. As a matter of fact, it may be one of the best ways that you can prevent anything worse from happening.

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