5 Signage Tips to Know When Buying a New Business Sign

If you are looking to get a new business sign, then you need the right tips. Your signage is one of the most important things you can have in business. It helps you grow like few other things can actually do in the modern age. Therefore, it is essential that you don’t fall into common traps that others face. Here is what you should know:


The first thing you should be considering when it comes to your business sign is the color scheme. The color of your sign is the thing that will either draw attention or make it fade into the background. People today do not have time for things that do not grab their attention right away.

Think of it this way, as people are driving along the highway or other areas in town, they are distracted. This is the case more today than ever before. So before you think that dull colors will work, think again. Do not go the cheap route on coloring. Brighter colors will draw the eye and get that very valuable attention. And if you don’t have attention, you can’t sell anyone.


Your business sign size is something to consider very carefully. It is one of the most essential components of signage. The reasoning is that more businesses exist today than ever before. This means that your competition is sky high. People simply cannot take note of every sign they come across.

You can really stand out when your business sign is larger than the rest. It will make people stop and notice what you are doing and selling. While you can save a few dollars on a smaller sign, what you really need to ask yourself is what the best investment is for your time and money. Sure, it might make sense to have a slightly higher return on your initial investment, but over the long run you need a larger sign.

Make sure that the sign is large enough to be read from the distance that people are actually going to be reading it from. For instance, if they are looking at it from the freeway, this is different than if they are going to be reading it right in front of your business.


In design, one of the first things you are taught is that your business logo must represent your company in the best way possible. Think of it like this: it is the first impression they will have of your company. If you execute your logo well, you can set yourself up for a great impression. On the other hand, a poorly made logo is a sign of failure.

The reasoning is simple. People assume that a company that puts time and effort into their signage is more likely to put time and effort into their business as well. The same goes for any kind of product you put out there. It should always represent your company accurately.

Call to Action

If you only put one phrase of text on your business sign, make sure it is a call to action. This is because it makes people do more things that result in sales. For instance, if you have a special promotion going on, encourage people to come into the store today.

Your call to action does not need to be clever. It simply needs to be clear. Make sure that there is no confusion. They should understand right away what you are asking of them with your call to action.


Some business owners start to overthink their sign. They put way too many graphics or words on them. They even go overboard with the kind of color schemes they use. This is a recipe for disaster. Ideally, you would simply put a few words, colors, and a logo. When in doubt, the more simple the better.

When it comes to getting the best business signs, you can’t afford to make the wrong move. Your business sign is something that everyone will see. It will give them the right or wrong impression of your business and help you grow or shrink, depending on how you handle it. So implement the five tips above and get an edge over the competition.

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