5 Simple Ways to Make Your Wedding Photography Stand Out

Whether you shoot weddings or you plan to marry soon, you need to know how to produce memorable, cherished photographs of the big day. A lot of your success stems from careful advance planning and the rest from being where you need to be when to need to be there.

1. Create a shot list.

The bride and groom should create a must have list of photographs for the photographer to capture. This gives the photographer a vital checklist so they don’t miss the photo of the bride with her college roommate or best friend from grade school. The photographer should show the couple common poses they capture and let them pick from these, too. The resulting list of 15 to 20 necessary photos means the couple gets the photo package that truly documents the important moments of their day.

2. Plan the wedding day shoot with the assumption that time will run short.

Rather than simply assume you’ll get half the time you really need, double the time needed in the schedule. Then when it gets cut in half, the couple doesn’t get gipped on formal poses. Formal portrait time with the wedding party and couple requires about an hour to shoot. Schedule for two hours. When it gets rushed, the couple still gets everything they needed. You can break up the bride and groom’s portraits into smaller shoots. Don’t miss times include sunset, the night sky as a backdrop and the couple’s honeymoon exit.

3. Ensure the photographer shoots a multitude of full length shots of the bride.

Brides spend copious time choosing their dress and an inordinate amount on it. Capturing her in her full wedding day glory is a must. Also, shoot-wide, vary perspective and your height by kneeling, standing on a step or box, or shooting through the crowd or a trellis or lattice divider.

4. Discuss the inevitable “Uncle Bob” who attends every wedding with the couple well in advance.

It can be a male or female, but its the hobbyist photographer who knows more that the pro photographer and keeps jumping in front of the pro to nail a shot. Some photographers work around it by asked Uncle Bob to jump in the shot, but the couple doesn’t want 50 photos of them with one uncle. Learn from the couple ahead of time who the likely hobbyist photographers are who will attend. Ask to have the wedding planner or the couple introduce the photographer to them at the rehearsal or dinner. This gives the photographer an early opportunity to make peace and a wedding day shoot plan. They can even work it to the couple’s advantage by asking the hobbyists to look for specific moments that didn’t make the Top 20 Shot List. Working with hobbyist photographers and making the best of the situation provides better quality and quantity of photos for the couple.

5. Couples can gain better service, price and archival media by hiring their photographer and videographer from the same company.

This also ensures no competition between the two shooters and can enhance workflow. Using the same company means only one contract and can net you a better price.

These five simple things can make your wedding photography stand out. Both couples and photographers need the wedding to go off without a hitch and to have gorgeous photos from the day. For the couple, it means having cherished mementos. For the photographer, it means having a positive reference for future work. Use these tips to get the most out of your wedding photography.

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