5 Things to Leave Behind When You Pack for Your Vacation

5 Things to Leave Behind When You Pack for Your Vacation

Vacations are great because you can take time off from your normal life, do something new, unwind and refresh your mind. However, when people go on vacation they have to partake in the mammoth task of deciding what, exactly, to pack. When deciding what to pack, one of the first steps is to decide what not to pack. Here are five things that you should not pack for your vacation.

1. Family Photos

When you go away for vacation, you don’t have to bring every single photograph that you own with you—there is really no need for that. First, when you go on vacation every little bit of space counts and you should only be packing things according to what you find absolutely necessary. For example, you should be packing things like spare clothes, shoes, your phone, hats and medications.

Even if you love your photographs and feel comfortable having them in your presence to show to others, there is a pretty good chance that you will not be looking at them and that you will briefly forget about them while you are on vacation.

If you take your family photos out of your home and bring them on vacation with you, there is a chance that they could somehow get destroyed. It is not worth risking the destruction of such valuable items when odds are you are going to forget about them.

2. Books

Books put too much weight on the load that you have to pack and carry around while on vacation. Just like family photos, there is a good chance that you are not going to read a book, or read a bunch of books, while on vacation. When it comes to making the load that you have to carry lighter, conserving space and keeping your books in good condition, opt for bringing an e-reader. E-readers, also known as electronic readers, are devices with screens that are made to look like books. When you download electronic book files to e-readers, you can read them on those devices.

If you feel that you really must take a book with you, only take one or two books and keep the load very light. Don’t bring a whole pile of textbooks with you, because you will not be able to read them all and they will be a burden to carry.

3. Impractical Clothes

Do not waste space and energy by bringing clothes that are impractical. For example, if you are going to hike up a mountain, walk around a new city, go to a pool and or visit a beach, do not bring several pairs of spike heel shoes. Only bring clothes that are practical, indiscreet, protective and durable. Do not pack clothes that are inappropriate for the climate that you are traveling to. It wouldn’t exactly be wise to bring 20 pairs of short shorts when you are traveling to a freezing climate.

4. Valuables

Do not bring valuables such as jewelry, precious metal, antiques or heirlooms on vacation with you. Depending on the situation, these items can easily get lost and/or stolen. Another reason why you shouldn’t bring these kinds of items on vacation is because of the fact that they can get scratched up and/or destroyed.

5. Toiletries And Beauty Products

Toiletries and beauty products will add unnecessary weight to your luggage and create a heavier burden to carry around. Such items are frequently sold all over the world, regardless of where you go. So, you will most likely never suffer from a lack of soap, toothpaste, hair products, toothbrushes and shampoo.

If there are any beauty regimens that can wait until after your vacation, don’t bring beauty products. After all, on a vacation you will most likely have something better to do than spend hours messing with your hair and nails. Of course, if you have a particular purpose for bringing certain beauty products, such as making yourself up in the moment to take award winning selfies at specific times—as if you are your own model, then it is okay to bring beauty products.


In conclusion, carefully weigh for yourself whether or not you will actually use the items that you are carrying with you- and if so, how much? Is it worth it? Follow these tips and your sure to make better packing decisions in the future. Bon voyage!

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