5 Tips for Selling Your Used Electronics

Selling used electronics is a great way to get rid of clutter around the house and earn some extra cash in doing so. As a wise man once said, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you possess an electronic that is in working condition, is not too terribly old, and that has some potential for use, chances are that someone is willing to pay you for it. Before you go to sell, make sure to use these 5 tips for better selling probability and profit.

Tip #1: Find A Good Selling Platform

One of the most important steps to getting a good return on your used electronic is to find the right selling platform to make the sale on. There are hundreds of options available, such as selling to a friend, meeting up with a buyer from the internet, or simply shipping the item to a customer via the mail. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks, with the most obvious factor being the variation of time and effort on your part. If you are stuck, nytimes.com has a great article discussing some potential options. Particularly, this article focused on Amazon, Gazelle, and Best Buy, all of which offer trade-in options for your used electronics.

Tip #2: Price Competitively

Setting the price of your used electronic too high will reduce the likelihood of getting the product sold. Alternatively, pricing too low may cause you to miss out on potentially higher profits. You need to find the sweet spot when it comes to setting the price, and many factors need to be considered such as the age, quality, and general value of the product at hand. This is probably the trickiest part about making the sale, but the good thing is that you can always adjust the price as necessary. If you need more help with setting the price, check out the in-depth pricing guide on huffpost.com.

Tip #3: Take Good Photos

If you choose a selling route that involves selling your used electronic on the internet, you may need to take and post pictures of your product. Using actual pictures of your electronic increases the likelihood of getting it sold, as consumers can be rather skeptical of buying used items and want to see the condition for themselves. Taking pictures is only going to be effective when you take the time to get really good ones. Human psychology shows that good-looking people are viewed socially as more trustworthy and overall inherently better people than their counterparts. The same applies to pictures on selling platforms. Clear, crisp, detailed pictures are much more likely to attract attention and trust from buyers- both of which are essential to making a sale.

Tip #4: Think Win-Win

When a transaction is made between two people involving a used electronic or any product for that matter, it always ends up better when the seller has a win-win attitude. In practice, this is the strategy implemented by most successful and prosperous companies. Ever had a horrible experience with a particular business? If so, you may have developed a bad attitude towards them or simply stopped offering them your services altogether. While selling this product might be a one time thing for you, the principle still holds true. Making good interactions with potential buyers and earning the trust of consumers is going to make them more willing to hand over their money and will result in quicker, more profitable sales.

Tip #5: Consider Delivery Options

When you have secured the sale and it is time to ship or deliver your product to its final designation, pause and consider your options. Depending on the location of the buyer, you may have a lot of options or very few. Your job is to identify the most low-cost option for this specific sale. If the buyer is close, you may be able to deliver the used electronic by hand. If the product is going across the world, the mail is going to be the best option. Whether or not you want to make the customer pay for shipping, as well as the speed of the delivery are things that need to be considered and specified beforehand. Shipping is certainly a factor that will make or break your profits, so develop a plan early on and take some time to think this part through in order to prevent additional cuts to your earnings.

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