6 Great Tips For Breastfeeding When Not At Home

Breastfeeding in public shouldn’t make mothers concerned about what people will think or how much skin they have shown, but they should believe in a positive way that they are helping other women and girls who are yet to be mothers learn about breastfeeding.

For those mothers who feel they have to stay home because they are breastfeeding, they are they are restricting themselves from enjoying activities like any other person.

1.Wear clothes that you are comfortable in

The breastfeeding mums have a variety of clothes to choose from. A loose t-shirt is an option for casual wear where she will lift the t-shirt on the side and feed the baby.

A buttoned shirt on the front is also a good cloth because she will unbutton the top buttons and feed the baby if the baby does not like fabric touching on the face the mum can undo from the bottom of the shirt.

If the mum feels she is showing skin while lifting the t-shirt, she can wear a belly band to cover up. She can always add a jacket on herself for additional coverage.

2.The use of a wrap or sling

The baby’s sling helps moms in feeding the baby in public, and maybe a few people will notice it because the sling covers the baby and the mother’s breast. The sling helps moms in different ways like feeding the baby, putting them to sleep and also keeping the baby near which encourage mother-child bonding.

The mother will require a belly band to cover up her abdomen if she has lifted her shirt up.

3.Pick a comfortable spot

Nourishing the baby should be the mother’s priority. As she looks for a relaxed place to sit there must be a place where she can support her back and may opt to avoid visibility of the general public due to unnecessary noise if she wants to put the baby to sleep.

If it’s on a bus sitting next to the window, she will avoid being seen by many passengers, and it’s more comfortable because she will lean against the seat and support her back.

She can choose to use a changing room if it’s available in the place she is because
there she can comfortably organize herself and the baby and even she won’t mind that much
while showing much of her skin.

Outdoor she has to look for a bench with a back that will give support or choose to sit on the grass and support herself with a tree, and it should be a place with fresh air and shed to keep the both of them more comfortable.

4.Consider a cover-up

A blanket or a commercial cover-up is what mothers used when they are not comfortable breastfeeding in public.

Not all babies accept the idea of being covered as they are nursing and they pull it off, so the mum can make the baby get used to it as she can be doing it even at home or go with the other option of using broad-brimmed sun hat for the baby to make the baby feel comfortable as they are nursing.


Many people in the public they look at the women who are breastfeeding babies in a frowning face to make them feel uncomfortable so they can stop, but the mother should look at them in a smiling face with so much confidence because they have right to feed the baby in no matter where they are.

6.Plan for a response

If anyone approaches a mother nourishing her baby and tells her that she should do it in the washroom, the mum should always have a reply to give them. She may decide to ask him if he can have his meal in the restroom.

If maybe a stranger is around a place the mum is nursing the baby and makes a negative comment the mum should give them a polite response.

It is so typical for breastfeeding moms to feel intimidated in the public places but they should always know that they have done no mistake nourishing their baby if it’s in a situation like a hotel the mum can still, complain to the higher management in the hotel.

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