6 Health Benefits of Using a Compounding Pharmacy

A compounding pharmacy is a pharmacy which has been authorized to administer specific medication doses based on the guidance and advice of a doctor. Rather than using a drug manufacturer, the pharmacy will create the medications on-site to reduce distribution times and overall costs. These are six of the top benefits of using a compounding pharmacy:

1. The medication is cheaper.

In most cases, the medications will be much cheaper for the patients. This is because the pharmacy doesn’t use the drug manufacturing company for their medicines. Drug manufacturers sometimes inflate the prices of their products well beyond the means of a person’s pocket. Even with adequate insurance, copays for medication can be costly.

Medications are also cheaper because the pharmacy tailors the medication to fit a specific dosage. This allows the patients to have whatever dosage their doctor has required without needing to empty their wallet for access to it.

2. Patients can access discontinued medications.

Sometimes, a large manufacturing company will discontinue the production of a drug. This makes it difficult for patients who require that drug to continue filling their prescriptions. A compounding pharmacist has the ability to recreate the chemical effects of a discontinued medication by mixing the same basic ingredients together. Today’s compounding pharmacies can access high-quality ingredients and ensure that the prescription is filled through the use of research, techniques, and quality control.

3. Medication is easier to use.

Most people can remember a time when their medication was difficult to take. Some pills are too large to swallow, and some medications have unpleasant flavors. When it’s hard for a patient to take their medication, the likelihood of skipped doses increases.

A compounding pharmacist can create the prescription with the ideal flavor of the patient. This is especially helpful when the patient is a person who might refuse to take their medication: a child, an elderly person, or even a pet. The pharmacist may also be able to make the pill or capsule smaller if the original form was too large to swallow.

4. There are alternative forms of the dosage.

Patients who have difficulty swallowing pills might find that a flavored liquid is easier to swallow. Conversely, patients who have a difficult time with flavored liquids may find that pills are an easier means for them to take their medication. Since the pharmacist makes the medication on-site, the patient can have their prescription in whatever form of dosage is most comfortable for them.

Certain medications even come in topical forms, so they can be absorbed through the skin rather than ingested. The best dosage for a patient will vary depending on the type of medication involved and the preferences of the patient.

5. The medication is allergy-friendly.

It’s common for patients to have some kind of allergic reaction to a medication. But it’s not always the active ingredient that causes the reaction. Patients might be intolerant to the dyes, gluten, lactose, or alcohol involved in a medication. Certain medications might come with preservatives and fillers that a patient cannot tolerate. When a compounding pharmacist makes the medication, they can use a formula that eliminates ingredients which cause adverse reactions in the patient. In this way, the active ingredient will still work, but the patient will not have the same uncomfortable or dangerous side effects.

6. The pharmacist can identify the patient’s needs and meet them more effectively.

Other pharmacies can’t meet the needs of patients as effectively as a compounding pharmacy, because the medications aren’t made on-site. A compounding pharmacist can get to know their patients in order to create the formula that works best for them. They’ll find out whether the patient has any questions regarding their medication, whether the patient has any side effects, and whether the patient has any concerns or requests regarding their medication.

When you use a compounding pharmacy, you’re getting a unique treatment plan that suits your unique needs. This is an essential approach to a healthy lifestyle.



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