6 Home Remodeling Projects that Add the Most Value

6 Home Remodeling Projects that Add the Most Value

Deciding to make changes or improvements to your home often comes with a question of return on investment. Remodeling projects can be costly so it is important to make sure they add value to the property as well. Whether preparing to sell or reinventing a room to better accommodate you and your family, finding the projects that increase the home’s value while keeping the bill low is vital.


Upgrade Bathroom


Updating the bathroom can be costly, but smaller inexpensive changes can add considerable value to the home. Converting from a conventional tub to an oversized walk-in shower, adding a cabinet over the toilet, or updating the sink, faucet and vanity are all great ways to upgrade the bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, it makes sense to pull the tub out and replace it with a tiled shower with a shower seat. Adding storage with a cabinet over the toilet increases the appeal of the room and provides more options for removing any clutter. Updating the vanity, sink and faucet to a contemporary style allows the prospective owner to see the home is keeping up with the times, regardless of the age of the home.


Consider Universal Design Features


As the population ages, homes with universal design features can have increased resale value and be more attractive to buyers. This is especially true when the principles are used in the bathrooms and kitchen. Features such as higher commodes, walk-in showers, and wider doors in the bathroom create comfort for all users. In the kitchen, touch free faucets, multi-level countertops, and pull-out drawers for storage all add to the comfort of the kitchen for all residents and visitors. Universal design features have become more common place in recent years. For older homes, minor changes can add considerable value.


Curb Appeal


Creating a neat and welcoming view of your home from the street is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value. This curb appeal can include pops of color on the door or shutters that attract the eye. Flower beds, well-trimmed bushes and trees all add to the appeal of the home. In some instances it may be beneficial to consult a professional landscaper for input into the design.


Upgrade Appliances


Upgrading kitchen appliances to energy efficient, stainless steel options adds considerable value to the home. With current home trends stainless steel gives the impression of the home being modern and up-to-date. Energy efficiency continues to be an important trend for both economics and conservation. Matching sets of black stainless steel and fingerprint proof stainless steel appliances are currently high on the wish lists of buyers. Also, commercial grade stoves and ovens are considered desirable.


Reface Cabinets


Instead of replacing cabinets, it may be possible to reface the doors and change the hardware. This process is considerably less expensive than buying new cabinets and can have the same effect. Choosing hardware that coordinates with the appliances and other kitchen themes and materials can add a little fun to the room. It is advisable to hire a professional to reface the cabinets.


Updated Laundry Room


In many homes, the laundry room is also the utility room containing the water heater, furnace and cluttered storage. Homes with an efficient laundry room with cabinets, shelving, and other storage options are in high demand. These homes have options for owners to declutter and “hide” things away. Cleaning up this area and updating fixtures and cabinetry will increase the value of the home.


There are many options when considering how to increase the values of a home. Budget and the scope of the project must be considered. Is a professional required or can this be accomplished in a weekend or two? Prioritizing remodeling projects that are most pleasing to the eye, useful to the homeowner, and that increase the comfort of the home will add the most value.

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