6 Killer Ways to Revamp a Business Presentation for the Ultimate Effect

Business presentations aren’t often what people consider exciting or particularly motivating. They’re more of a necessity people feel they are forced to sit through when they could be doing a half-dozen other things more important to them. That’s why a killer business presentation makes the ultimate impact. When people sit through so many of them otherwise, they’re excited and inspired when one is top-notch, above average, and just plain good. If you’re looking to revamp your business presentation style, you’re not alone. These tips are designed to take your next presentation from boring to extraordinary.

1- Start with A Bang

You need to capture the attention of your audience within 10 seconds of speaking. Your introduction must be killer. It’s the most important aspect of your presentation, and you’ll want to take the time to make it extraordinary. Say something controversial, something no one knows, or something that really ruffles a few feathers right away. You want people to stop thinking about what they need to do when they get back to their desk and pay attention to what you’re saying right here and right now.

2- Speak with Confidence

If you want to get people to listen so you can make an impact with your presentation, you need the confidence to shine. If you are worried you won’t do well or you worry you might not make an impact, you won’t. You must get rid of all doubt and know your presentation is stellar. Your job is to make sure it’s perfect, and your job is to be sure you know exactly what’s needed from you. Confidence is a selling point for any business presentation. Be confident the entire way through, even if you’re only faking it.

3- State the Goal Early

One thing that helps any presentation stand out is a clear goal. Make sure the goal is known early on so those listening to you can see it clearly. As you explain what you want to accomplish and precisely how you want to accomplish it, they can listen along and see clearly how it will all play out. It’s the perfect way to ensure you’re able to capture their attention and make sure they know you have the ability to make things happen.

4- Support Your Idea

Nothing makes a business presentation sink faster than not using supporting evidence and ideas. You want this project to succeed, which means you must have evidence that your ideas will work. Support your presentation with facts, with numbers, with actual ideas, and be sure it’s foolproof. Think it through and use the evidence you have to support your ideas from start to finish. Evidence and support helps make a good presentation a great presentation.

5- Answer Questions Before They’re Asked

Once you’ve come up with your presentation idea, go through all the material and ask the questions you think others might ask when they’re hearing it for the first time. Now go through your presentation and answer those questions before anyone has a chance to even ask them. When you know what they want to know and answer it ahead of time, they’re going to be far more impressed with your presentation than they would if they were left with a dozen questions at the end of your presentation.

6- Maintain Composure

The hard part of any presentation is the end. Now it’s time for people to ask questions, make statements, and tell you what they think. Sometimes it’s difficult to hear people tear apart the carefully thought-out ideas you had when you came up with this presentation, but you need to maintain your composure. Be prepared for the tough stuff, and keep a good attitude while your ideas are torn apart. You can do this, and the end is where you need to keep it together.

Business presentations are not easy to sit through or get through when you’re the one presenting, but you can do it. When you take these tips and implement them into your plan of action, you’ll find it’s much easier and more efficient to get through this situation. You have the power to make a statement in your presentation, but you need the confidence to do so.

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