6 Landscaping Tips to Have Your Pool Party Ready

To begin with, every pool landscaping job should require only a little upkeep Nobody wants to spend a lot of time taking care of their poolside area. Many times, this means a simple design is the best. In fact, poolside landscaping can be laid back. Secondly, Swimming pools should offer bathers and sunbathers some level of seclusion, and landscaping can accomplish this. Finally, landscaping around the pool should contribute little or nothing to the clutter that ends up in pools. You don’t want to spend your summer fishing grass clippings and mulch out of your swimming pool.

Here are six landscaping tips to have your pool party ready this year:

Choose a motif for your pool

Let’s face it, nobody wants their pool to be full of mental matter. They just want the freedom swimming pools can offer. Most people want shimmering blue water, but that doesn’t mean your pool can’t be expressive. Pools suggest warm water holes like those found in the desert or tropical destinations. On the other hand, they often conform to periods from art history like Modern or Victorian. Yes, the first swimming pools appeared in Victorian Britain. On the other hand, the swimming pool area can express anything you like. For example, put up a bunch of amenable graffiti on available space around your pool and call it an urban jungle.

Landscaping choices

When choosing plants to put around the pool, remember that your choice not only reflects your sense of design and plants, it also creates an aura or an ambiance. Think of a favorite restaurant that you enjoy dining at because of the stuff the restaurant owner surrounds you with. On the negative side, remember that live horticultural objects may shed their foliage into the pool, and this factor alone might disqualify some choices. Remember too, that landscaping can lend a sense of seclusion to the pool area and do not hesitate to use bamboo trees or to plant tall hedges to block the vision from outside the area if it applies.

Bring on the shade

An outdoor pool is the perfect place to find someone looking for shade, and most pools have some relief from the sun that bathers can escape to. The hard summer sunlight will chase most people toward some shaded areas. Create sheltered areas that provide shade, or plant trees or bushes that can grow tall and bushy enough to provide natural shade. Again, when choosing trees or bushes, consider how much of a mess the leaves make when they fall in the pool water. Recommended trees include the acacia, banana, citrus and spruce trees. Many evergreens will work as yard border trees near pools.

Install artificial lighting

Lighting is a big deal in pools because nobody wants to fall in a pool in the dark. The inside of the pool is often illuminated with lights. Light up the walkways around pools. Conceal lights in the landscaping. Light at night can be a real mind-expanding experience. Put light at higher elevations around the pool. Put light up in trees or shining from the top of structures.

Add other attractions like a jacuzzi

A Jacuzzi or a hot tub is an ample tub or half-size pool full of heated water and used for health treatments or pleasure. The jets deliver massaging pulses. They can be a welcome sight beside swimming pools, and they can also be aesthetically attractive. They’re not at all incompatible with swimming pools, but some people with serious health issues should not jump from the hot tub into the pool and vice-versa.

Make it child safe

To child-proof a swimming pool,put an access fence around it and make it impossible for little kids to breach the pool areas when not accompanied by an adult. A child-proof fence not only keeps small children from going where they could suffer harm, but it also allows the fence to play an aesthetic role and guarantee the privacy of bathers.

With the right poolside decorating ideas, your swimming pool can be party ready in no time.

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