6 Lawn Care Tips Everyone Should Know

Lawncare is the neighborly duty everyone has to do. It helps to recognize the beauty of a well-kept lawn. Lawns are a lush green space for you to relax in. They raise the value of your home. They give family and friends a place to have fun. They provide habitat for pollinators and wildlife. Lawns can be glorious. Here are six things every lawn owner should do to keep their lawn in a healthy, attractive condition.


Mowing isn’t just about pushing a mower back and forth. Set your mower blades higher rather than lower. You don’t want to cut the grass so far down that it has trouble photosynthesizing. This can starve the grass. Mowing wet grass stresses grass with tears rather than clean cuts. The grass tips turn brown as a result. Mow after the dew is gone and don’t mow right after a rainstorm. Mow regularly to keep grass from getting too tall. This not only keeps you in compliance with local ordinances, but it reduces the habitat for animals you don’t want around, like ticks, spiders, and rodents.

Edge The Property

Use a weed whacker to finish off the edges of your property. This prevents weeds and adds the precise look of detail work to your lawn. It eliminates unwanted bushes and trees that can take over quickly. Mulching keeps weeds from spreading into the lawn area. Rock borders provide the same protection.

Remove Piles

It makes sense that piles of old refuse will never help a lawn look good. Move your woodpile away from the house to prevent termites. Clear out any piles of construction materials for projects you always meant to get around to but haven’t. These are breeding grounds for mice and rats. They’re also hard to work around when you’re trying to mow and do lawn care.

Add Details You Love

If you’ve always wanted a pond, add one. Perhaps you want a footpath around the side of the house. This is easier than you realize. Add the shade tree, the flower bed, or the garden gnomes you’ve wanted for so long. It’s your lawn, so make it beautiful in your way.

Treat For Lawn Killers

When lawns are under attack, it’s usually from underneath. If your grass fails to thrive, check for grubs which live on grass roots. Have your soil tested for acidity. Arrange for sufficient drainage in wet areas to prevent erosion or fungal growth. Water in the mornings, not in the evenings. Consider reseeding with grass that is more suited to your climate and growing conditions.


You can do much of the lawn care yourself. Fertilizing your lawn, aerating it, and applying weed blockers all improve lawn health. It needs to be done carefully because overdoing it can cause problems. You may want to have professional services treat your lawn each season. They can examine your property and inform you of issues you need to know. The result will be a vibrant lawn that both you and your neighbors will enjoy.

Why Do So Much Lawn Care?

Sometimes we get caught up in the work of lawn care. Sometimes we don’t want to do it at all. Keep chairs or a swing outside. Your lawn can become a refreshing oasis at the end of a busy day. It can add an attractive background for weekend fun at home. The lawn is often the first place where young children experience nature. We all need to stay in touch with nature. You can do this with the smallest lawn or yard available. If you keep your grass healthy, then it will shine for you.

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