6 Reasons Why Having Electricity Matters in our Daily Lives

Science has made the world a better place in every aspect and we can’t thank it enough for the revelations it has brought one being electricity. How would the world look like without electricity? It’s difficult to imagine that. Governments consider electricity as a crucial infrastructure thus spending a lot to ensure every citizen has access yet we who use it ignore its importance in our daily lives. There are numerous reasons why electricity matters in our daily lives and here are just a few;

Communication is made easier

It is crazy how technology has enhanced communication in today’s world with mobile phones and computers taking it to another level. And thinking about the internet, it has a huge effect on our daily lives. We are more enlightened and informed of what’s surrounding us. Our children grow up with a huge exposure to almost everything. Televisions powered by electricity keep us aware of what’s going on.


Electricity has greatly helped in enhancing safety in different ways. Say electric fences, traffic lights for ease of transportation, automated alarms in homes and public spots, all these enabled by electric power. Then world is way safer with electricity than it would be without it.

Better health services and treatment

Health is another mankind’s major priority. No one wants to be ill; if so everyone wants to be well treated for fast recovery. With doctors and specialists’ working day and night to build a healthier world, electricity plays a major role in ensuring achievements of these goals. Hospital machines are run by electricity. Air conditioning and heaters in homes are things we use and interact with in our daily lives and they are meant to create a healthier and warmer environment.

Residential life is made easier

These are the things we use every day such as washing machines, refrigerators, iron boxes, ovens, microwaves, and many more. They need electricity to work. As a matter of fact, they would never have been created without it. Today perishable food can be stored for long, cooking is a lot easier and faster and life is generally fun with these things. If you are keen, a lot of things in our house are plugged in wall sockets to keep them running. Modern day life would be different without these things, no different from the old days.

Production and manufacture would not be possible

Today, nearly everything we use goes through a production process. That is to mean all industries heavily rely on electricity for manufacture and production to take place. Think of even the most basic thing you use at home like sugar, it would be a different case if there was no electricity for it to be produced. It has also enabled invention of big, complex machines used in assembling of heavy machinery. Vehicles, mobile phones, computers, trains, planes, tractors, just to name a few, are things that would take a lot of time to assemble a function one body out f very small parts. But with inventions being enabled by electricity, a lot of time is saved thus there’s a sufficient supply of everything.


This is one tangible importance we all recognize and appreciate. Light affects what we do, how we do it and when we do it. No one loves darkness. Everything comes to a standstill when there is a black out and that simply explains the importance of electricity. It sounds funny to say light is the major reason why we have eyes, but it’s a truth we can’t fight with. Gone are the days where candles, fire or even kerosene lumps were the major source of light at night. Light also keeps us safe in our way or the other.

It is right to say electricity is indispensable in our lives. Everything we do and everything we have is one way or the other affected by electricity and a lack of it would mean altering our way of life to a great deal. The world would be unsafe, unhealthy, difficult way too boring to live in.

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