6 Smart Reasons to Invest in New Windows for Your Home

No one thinks about windows until homeowners buy new window treatments or put up seasonal decorations. No one thinks about windows if ’tis the season to turn on the A/C. Windows don’t bother anyone because almost no one washes windows anymore. So why all the stir about replacement windows? We know six reasons for you to invest in new windows for your house.

1. Energy Efficiency

If a home is between 15 and 30 years old, these things will happen to the windows:

  • Rainy days make them leak
  • Warm or cold days make them leak when the windows are bulging or they sag
  • Frost lies between the panes
  • The windows are tired, worn, and past their use-by date

The U.S. Department of Energy says up to 25 percent of a home’s heat is lost through the windows. All of the window is used to promote energy efficiency. The window frame, for example, keeps air from sneaking inside. Combine that with new glazing methods, and you have windows cutting energy loss by 40 percent or more.

About Those Glazings

Today’s technology ensures that window glazings are coated with things that make energy efficiency a foregone conclusion:

  • Low e-coatings and gases were invented to stop losing heat from the inside. New coatings prevent heat gain from the outside
  • Gauging the energy efficiency of a window is now a simple matter of checking the window label for is U-factor
  • The label also reports the window’s solar heat gain coefficient
  • The label also shows the window’s visible light transmitted

Homeowners shopping for new windows in the winter should look for windows with a lower U-factor. In the summer, homeowners want a window with the lowest solar heat gain coefficient but still lets the light through. Or just look for the Energy Star label; all the considerations will have been done for the homeowner.

2. Serious Health Issues

Is it raining inside the house? The windows need to be replaced pronto. Wet means mold and mildew. If homeowners have an asthmatic or someone with allergies in the house, then mold means the chest closing up and one can’t breathe. This can be prevented with new windows.

3. Fade Proof

Almost everyone has family portraits, paintings, furnishings, rugs, and other things they want to keep their luster. Modern windows are treated so that the UV light stays on its side of the window and not fade what’s inside the house.

4. Don’t Call The Cops

There was a time when windows could be broken with impunity. Someone got into the house and robbed the homeowners. There was also a time when strong storms would hurl tree limbs through windows. Tornadoes and hurricanes are notorious for lobbing random items through windows. Today’s windows have security glass that resists determined robbers and storms.

5. Noise

The youth of recent eras have always enjoyed loud music. When cars became more popular, loud engine noises or exhaust noises were the “in” thing among yesteryear’s youth. Nothing has changed. Outside most homes, the exhaust screaming along to the thumping beat of the bass can be heard in the next county.

That’s nothing, though, on the neighbor’s kid, who is learning to play his electric guitar in the garage. At night. While you’re trying to sleep. Get some sleep while enjoying today’s windows. They come with layers of glass and noise-stopping gases and e-coatings.

6. Curb Appeal

While driving to work each day, most homeowners notice other homes. They are attracted to the bright, perky, sparkling homes. They pass right by the tired, worn homes without a second look. What most homeowners don’t recognize is the fact that new windows give a tired old house new life.

Homeowners can dress up the yard, power wash the siding, and clean out the gutters all day. If they don’t have new windows, however, all that work was wasted. We say that because most homeowners don’t sell their houses after it’s just been built. So if the windows are above ten years old, then other problems will be present. Trust us, buyers will see them.

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