6 Steps to Becoming a Radiologist

6 Steps to Becoming a Radiologist
When it comes to the medical field, there are a few jobs that aren’t given enough credibility. In particular, being a radiologist is rarely glorified in pop culture. A radiologist is a medical professional whose specialty is using various types of diagnostic equipment such as x-rays, CAT scans and MRIs. However, becoming a radiologist takes a lot more than the ability to read x-ray results.

Below are the six steps to becoming a radiologist.

Complete Medical School

As with any kind of career, you’ll need to graduate high school and attend college. However, a career in radiology requires specific credentials. The first step to becoming a radiologist is to obtain a medical degree, which takes four years of undergraduate, four years in medical school and four years of residency. Last, but not least, radiologist candidates also complete an exam in order to acquire their license for radiology.

Become a Volunteer

One of the best ways to get first hand experience is to become a volunteer. As an alternative, you can consider becoming a medical intern instead. Regardless of your choice, you’ll see what exactly the job has to offer, what it means to be a radiologist and give you experience that you can put on your application for medical school.

Get Certification

Even with first hand experience and a college degree under your belt, you still need a little more to get into the world of radiology. You must acquire certification for it through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Keep in mind that this is not exactly required to become a radiologist. However, people who obtain this certification have a much higher chance of being employed. It’s also worth mentioning that the guidelines may vary on what state you’re in.

Renew the Certification

Getting the certification is only half of the challenge. The other half is making sure it remains valid. If you have received a certificate for radiology, then you must renew it every year. To do so, every radiologist is required to have at least 24 credit hours to keep their certification valid.

Get Into a Fellowship Program

This isn’t exactly a requirement, but many aspiring radiologists go into a fellowship program for up to two years. Through this program, many people will complete their training by learning about the different types of radiology and how to perform the necessary tests. Again, this is just to show that you have the necessary knowledge to make getting a job in radiology easier.

Look Towards the Future

With such a high paying and varying career, radiologists are introduced to a lot of opportunities. Over time, radiologists learn and experience new things as they progress through their career. Some may stay to keep conducting tests for patients, while others aim to advance their career once enough time has passed. The choice of what you choose to do with your career is ultimately yours.

As you can see, you have to really put in the effort to become a radiology, but the struggle is more than worth it. However, it is important to keep in mind that the competition for this specialty in the medical field is fierce. You’ll need to be at the top of your game if you want to keep your chances high.

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