6 Things to Know About Automated Customer Service

6 Things to Know About Automated Customer Service
Automated customer service uses cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence to automate routine business tasks and streamline your operations. The goal behind deploying automated customer service for your business is vastly reducing payroll costs that go towards human support representatives and shoring up more resources for actually interacting with your customers in real life.

Automated Customer Service is 24/7

Automated customer service doesn’t sleep because it doesn’t have to. You can now respond to and process requests without having to pay your workers to work overtime or nights. In fact, IBM has estimated that by 2020, 85% of customer service interactions will go through automated customer service or a help desk empowered predominately by artificial intelligence. Remember that 2020 is right around the corner.

Delivers Quicker Answers

With human customer service representatives, 75% of the time is devoted to doing manual research rather than interacting with the customer. You know the feeling of waiting on hold while you hear a customer service representative clicking away on a keyboard to look something up or, worse yet, putting you on hold so that s/he can do further research or connect you with someone who knows what’s going on.

Automated customer service isn’t like that at all. AI-empowered automated customer service streamlines the resolution process and significantly lowers customer abandonment rates for your business. Basically, when a customer is so fed up with your customer support that s/he slams down the phone in frustration, your business is losing. Automated customer service can help your business win again.

Chatbots and automated customer service can do research and lookups much quicker than a human can in most applications. What’s more, customer service representatives and call center employees will have their time shored up so that they can provide tier-one support requests. Why shouldn’t you automate the easy stuff and provide a reassuring human touch at the same time?

One-time Training

Automated customer service only needs to be trained one time, and it has a much higher probability of retaining and applying that knowledge for longer. Another great thing about automated customer service is that it won’t suddenly quit or go off script. With automated customer service, you won’t have to worry about the high attrition rates plaguing the call center and customer support industry.

Service That’s More Reliable

Automated customer service is much more reliable in the sense that it doesn’t come freighted with all of the negative assumptions and biases that can cloud the judgement of a human customer service representative. Automated customer service empowered by AI doesn’t get frustrated and decide to take it out on the customer. Recent studies show that over 40% of customers decided to purchase more due to a positive customer service interaction.

Automated Customer Service is Predictive

When human customer service representatives call up to ask how things are going, most people perceive that as simply being annoying. The reason is that human customer service representatives and marketing teams aren’t that great at predicting when customers really could use guidance.

Automated customer service uses artificial intelligence to inform preemptive customer interactions. Virtual assistants understand more deeply how customers interact with your brand and exactly what customers are hoping to get out of the interaction. Having artificial intelligence and a long track record to instantly call upon is hugely beneficial.

AI-empowered automated customer service knows what distress indicators to look for and when to step in to help customers before they abandon the conversation. Automated customer service can step in to provide guidance regardless of the devices and platforms customers are using to interact with your brand.

Automated Customer Service Saves Money

By the way, having to only train an automated system one time saves a ton of money. It costs about $5000 to hire a human customer service representative, and it costs another $5000 to train that individual. Automated customer service dramatically reduces those payroll expenses and makes your existing customer support staff more effective.

Automated Customer Service is an asset that your business probably can’t do without. Here’s your chance to deliver more reliable customer service that’s on 24/7 and much more reliable because of insights provided by AI

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