6 Ways a Healthy Smile Can Boost Confidence

6 Ways a Healthy Smile Can Boost Confidence

While most people believe the majority of how we communicate comes down to the words we use, that is not the case at all. In fact, researchers believe that maybe 90 percent of our daily communication is non-verbal. People also able to quickly pick up on various aspects of non-verbal communication, you will never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Thus, it is important for you to have a healthy smile and go through life feeling as though you can accomplish virtually anything while also looking your best. If you’re curious as to how a healthy smile can boost your confidence, here are six ways it can do just that and much more in various areas of your life.

It’s the First Thing People Notice

Whether you like it or not, your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you for the first time. By having a smile that is white and bright, it helps you put your best foot forward and display aspects of your personality that make you fun to be around. As an added bonus, researchers have also found having a great smile makes others feel you are very trustworthy.

Creates Great Conversations

If you want to have great conversations with people in your personal and professional lives, make sure you have a healthy smile. Since having a great smile usually also means your have fresh breath, you’ll find people will want to stand with you and talk for longer periods of time, leading to many new friendships.

Shows You Value Yourself

By taking the time to care for your teeth and make sure your smile always looks its best, it demonstrates to others you value yourself and are willing to do what it takes to keep yourself healthy. By doing so, people will assume that since you care about yourself, you also care about others.

You are Fearless and Confident

According to researchers, people who can pair a healthy smile with a firm handshake give others the impression they are fearless and confident. This can be very important when having a job interview, since you will want your potential employer to believe you are capable of stepping up to the plate and dealing with any challenges put in front of you. Thus, if you take the time to practice excellent dental hygiene as well as a firm handshake and making eye contact with those whom you converse, you’ll find your smile quickly becomes your biggest asset.

You’ll Never Meet a Camera You Won’t Like

For many people who are ashamed of their smiles, one thing they want to avoid as much as possible is having their picture taken. Whether it is at work, school, or at home with family and friends, the thought of their less-than-stellar smile being forever immortalized in a photo is a nightmare. But by having a healthy and beautiful smile, many wonderful memories can be created and preserved by being willing to appear in front of a camera for a group or individual photo.

Greater Participation in Life

If you have a smile that does not please you, one of the biggest drawbacks is finding yourself becoming more and more isolated from others. As a result, you find yourself missing out on family outings, vacations, office parties, and much more. Unfortunately, this can also lead to depression and other serious mental health issues. Rather than let this happen, it is always best to take the time to not only brush and floss regularly, but also visit a dentist for an annual check-up.

As more and more advances are made in dentistry, it is now possible to give virtually anyone a beautiful and healthy smile. Rather than deny yourself the happiness you deserve, do everything you can to make your smile healthy and sparkling.

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