7 Essential Ways to Prepare for a First Date

Are you feeling nervous about your first date? Your aim is to create a good impression and feel good about yourself. Your first meeting will determine the future for you and your date. However, it is not a matter of life and death. Here are valuable tips to help you face the date.

1. Choose An Appropriate Venue

You are likely to face tension and anxiety meeting your date. But, a pleasant place makes the situation better. Pick a location that creates a sense of fun and adventure. Consider what you and your partner love to do and take advantage of your passions. If both of you love comedy, propose the idea to the other person. If your date agrees, plan and schedule for a comedy show.

Choose a place you would feel confident about yourself. For example, if you are good at skating, spend your first date teaching your partner how to do it. Be comfortable in your elements. When choosing the perfect venue, consider the other person’s preferences as well.

2. Be Clean

Create a good impression on your first date by ensuring you are clean, brush and clip your nails, brush your teeth, wash your hair, and moisturize your skin. These are the simple day to day regimes, but most people may overlook the importance. Hygiene has a great impact on how people perceive you especially when you first meet.

3. Dress Appropriately

You may want to bring out your sense of fashion but not on your first date; dress in practical and comfortable clothing. Be modest and ensure your clothes suit the kind of activity you intend to do.

The types of clothes you wear also contribute to your confidence level. Prepare beforehand and consider the setting you will have. If you plan on going out for a hike, ensure you have the right attire for comfort during the activity.

4. Prepare Talk Topics

Both of you may be confused on what to ask each other when you meet. Plan a few conversation starters to avoid the awkward silence moments. From that, you will realize the conversation just flows. That way, you can be comfortable knowing what to discuss about with your date.

Ask questions that would also apply to you if asked the same. This will help you prepare for answers to the same questions you intend to ask because in most cases the questions bounce back to you. Avoid asking about things that would intimidate the other person.

5. Have An Open Mind

A first date is not a guarantee to a serious relationship. Don’t carry too many expectations in your mind to be safe from disappointments. Compose yourself and avoid brushing people away just because you may not like them. People are usually anxious on their first date and may seem different to what they are. It’s a good idea to meet them again before you make your decision.

6. Be Ready For The Bills

Most people think that it’s the guy’s responsibility to settle the bills. Some believe you should split the bill as it would be the first meeting. Save yourself the embarrassment and have extra cash just in case you need to pay. It’s a good idea to pay part of the bill. You should also plan for additional expenditure such as transport to avoid the money topic on your first date.

7. Communicate

Once you set everything for your first date, talk to your partner about the arrangements. Unless you are planning to surprise the other person, passing information about the meeting is essential. You should let your date know about the venue and the activities you intend to carry out. If you make changes to your venue, time or day, ensure you communicate as this would cost your first date.

Always wear a smile as it adds up to your confidence. Be polite and respect the other person’s ideas and preferences. Avoid annoying behaviors such as using your phone as you talk to the other person. Accept who you are and be yourself; otherwise you might create the impression of an in insincere person.

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