7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Roofing Repair Company

Before you commit to a roofing repair company, you have to make sure to verify certain things first. This list of questions will help you to determine which company to trust with your business. If you are getting ready to select a roofing repair company, the following questions are critical to ask. There may be others, but these are a great starting point from which to branch off.


1) Are You Licensed?


Not every state requires a roofer to be licensed in order to run their business, but many do. Before you commit to any roofing repair company, be sure to check what the legal requirements are in your state and then make sure that all of the companies that you are choosing from have their license up to date. Those who do not hold licenses in the states and counties that require licenses are typically roofers that you do not want to contract.


2) Can I See Your Certificate of Insurance?


The insurance that your roofing repair company should carry is liability and workman’s comp. These are the two types of compensation that are going to protect you in the event that anything that happens. Workers’ compensation covers any injuries to the actual workers and liability makes sure that any damage caused by the roofers during the repair is paid by them.


3) Do You Provide a Written Estimate?


A written estimate is crucial for you to have trust in your roofing repair company. While an understood estimate is nice for you to get an idea of how much the project will cost, nothing will be set in stone until you get it down on paper. This way, you have something to turn to if there is a dispute.


4) What are Your Qualifications?


Qualifications extend beyond the licensing that they have to practice in the state. A good roofing repair company will have years of experience in the industry that make them much more trustworthy. Having more experience also allows them to have built up a reputation in the area, which you can then check through friends and family or the internet. They will also have a number of certifications that verify their ability to work with a variety of materials in the industry. Typically, these certifications are granted by manufacturers.


5) Do You Have References?


A good contractor will have homeowner references, and they should not be afraid to share them with you. Do not be afraid to ask the roofing repair company if they have at least five references with whom you can speak and ask about the roofer’s work. They will be able to tell you if the work that the roofing repair company does actually holds up after some time.


6) Do You Offer a Warranty?


Many roofing repair companies offer warranties that either supplement or extend a manufacturing warranty. Usually, roofing companies that offer warranties are confident in the work that they offer and will be able to provide you with better initial results. Be sure to ask about the warranty and what it covers.


7) Do You Use Subcontractors?


If the roofing company does use subcontractors, make sure that you verify their legitimacy with them as well. Check to see if they have insurance or if they are covered under the insurance policy offered by the roofing company.

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