7 Reasons You Should Sign Up for a Company’s Wellness Program

If your company offers a wellness plan, you may be on the fence about whether or not you should sign up. Sure, it’s an extra thing to add to your to-do list, but there are some serious benefits to getting involved.

To help you decide if a company wellness plan is right for you, here are seven of the best reasons you should participate.

1. You’ll feel more energized.

Do you feel like you hit a wall when the afternoon comes around, or do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? This could be from a lack of exercise.

If you’re not active enough, it can cause you to feel tired throughout the day. Getting more exercise can help you feel more awake.

By participating in your company’s wellness plan, you’ll feel more productive and have more energy to get through your day.

2. You’ll make new office relationships.

Chances are, you have a few office friendships already. However, they’re most likely limited to your team members or the individuals you sit next to in the office.

A corporate wellness program is a great way to meet new people in other departments. They’ll also be there to help you succeed and reach your goals.

Joining your company’s corporate wellness program can give you a new sense of community. This is particularly helpful if you’re new to the company and want to find your footing.

3. You’ll have fewer health care costs.

Health care can be expensive. Even if your company provides you with a good insurance plan, you may be stuck paying out of pocket for certain appointments or medications.

However, the better you take care of yourself, the less likely you’ll need health care. By staying fit, you can lower your health care costs and pocket some of that cash for yourself.

Just be smart about the way you exercise. If you try to overdo it, you may actually injure yourself. Be sure to stay within your limits and listen to what your body is telling you.

4. You’ll be less stressed.

Stress can wreak serious havoc on your daily life. Whether it prevents you from sleeping or makes it difficult for you to do your job efficiently, being overly stressed can seriously harm your mind and body.

Luckily, exercise is one of the best ways to control your stress. Whether you choose to hit the weights or you like to run or walk, taking some time to relieve some energy can help you cope with your stress better.

Not only that, but exercise can help you stay positive while at work.

5. You’ll miss less work.

A day out of the office can throw your entire team off. When you have to call out, your team needs to find a way to pick up the slack or you’re stuck with piles of work when you finally return. However, when you’re sick, there isn’t much you can do.

Having a proper workout routine can help you control your blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress so that you get sick less. While it can’t keep you healthy through all the flu and cold seasons, it can reduce the number of days you’re out of the office.

Not only does this mean less stress when you get back, but you can save your PTO days for times you really can enjoy them.

6. You’ll feel incentive to work out.

Getting into the groove of working out regularly can be a struggle. When no one is holding you accountable, it can feel easy to skip a workout class or sleep in instead of going to the gym.

However, a corporate wellness program allows you to get excited about working out. You can do it with friends and coworkers, and maybe even win some prizes.

When someone is relying on you to walk, run, or attend a class, it becomes much easier to get it done.

7. You’ll feel more accomplished.

Working out regularly can leave you with a sense of accomplishment.

As you get more into your health, you can set goals of how far you’d like to run, what class you’d like to attend, or how much weight you’d like to lift.

Participating in a corporate wellness program is a great way to get started.

If you’re not already, consider signing up for your corporate wellness program. These are just seven of the many benefits of getting involved!

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