7 Safety Tips to Remember When Loading a Firearm

With all the controversies surrounding firearms in our world today, it would be great to remember some tips when handling a gun and loading the gun. Accidents happen to those who are not aware of the basic rules in handling a firearm. The following tips and recommendations would help an individual load and use a firearm safely.

Treating every firearm as loaded

When loading a gun, make sure that your fingers are away from the trigger. You also need to point the muzzle where it is safe, to avoid any injuries or even death. If you are unsure how to open the bullet case inside the gun, do not proceed in reloading it because it might cause more problems. You also need to clear out of the muzzle every time you are trying to load the firearm because it might accidentally shoot. Some of the mistakes that people have in the past would be pulling up the trigger when there is still a bullet left inside the gun, injuring them or killing them instantly. Knowledge about how to open the bullet case would save a lot of lives, and treating the gun as if it is loaded would make it easier for the users to be cautious when holding the firearm.

Pointing the firearm in the safest direction when reloading

Pointing a gun at somebody could land you in jail. Whether the gun is loaded or not, one should avoid pointing it towards somebody. If you would need to point the gun, especially when reloading, try to point it in the safest direction possible, away from you or other people. Bullets are powerful enough to get through ceilings and walls, and you must remember not to point it in a direction where it might get through the obstacle and hurt someone. Firearms should also not be left behind a location where it could fall or slide, creating an action that would accidentally release a bullet. You also have to remember that firearms would instantly go off randomly in certain situations, like when you are unlocking it or releasing the firearm’s safety hatch.

Checking the area where you would use your firearm

When loading the gun, check the area for certain risks. There might be other people in the area, and when you started loading a gun, a panic might ensue. Try to load up privately, especially inside the house or your vehicle. Do not let other people see you reload your firearm because they might start having negative thoughts.

Reload only when you are ready to fire

When a firearm is not in use, never try to load a bullet inside it. Accidents might happen, and it could go off without you noticing. When you have children at home, they could play with the gun and accidentally shoot someone if it is loaded. You should remember that the gun should only be loaded when it will be used. After using the gun, unload all of the bullets once again and hide the firearm in a safe place. There have been records of accidents happening after someone forgot to remove the bullet inside the gun. These accidents are preventable, but it still happens because of neglect. In the end, disastrous consequences happen.

Store the gun safely after reloading

Use an unbreakable safe when hiding the gun, and make sure that the children would never have any means to reach it.

Load the firearm when you are sure about the target

Never shoot if you are having doubts about the target. If you are chasing after a suspected criminal and they started firing, you should retaliate by shooting at them. However, if a person is unarmed and it is unclear if he or she is the suspect, try not to use the gun and apprehend them in a civilized manner. When going outside for a hunt, try to apply the same principle. Do not shoot if you are still having doubts about the target, and try to wear bright clothing to warn other hunters that you are in the area. Accidents occur in some hunting grounds because the hunters are mistaken as targets by other hunters.

Never reload when drunk or under the influence of substances

Avoid drinking heavily before reloading and using a gun. The same thing applies when using illegal or recreational drugs.

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