7 Simple Ways to Save Money in 2020

7 Simple Ways to Save Money in 2020

Saving money is a necessity in the modern world. Everyone needs a financial cushion for emergencies. They also need to build up funds for issues such as buying a house, paying for educational expenses and preparing for their retirement. If you are looking to built a nice and growing nest egg in this new year, there are lots of simple steps you can take to get it in place. The new year is a chance for a new and wonderful financial future.

A Change Jar

As you buy things, you may get some change in return. Set up a specific container in your home to catch the extra change each day. Everyone in your home can participate in this plan. Have everyone empty their pockets and purses at the end of the day. Count out the money every month. Bring the results to your bank and put the change in a savings account.

Garage Sales

Garage sales can be a great source of items you need at very low cost. Look for organized garage sales in your community. Many religious houses of worship offer sales of items from lots of people at the same time. This is a great chance to pick up things you really need like clothes for your growing family at far less money. Many garage sales have a bag sale when the sale is drawing to a close. For a few bucks, you can fill a bag with items like books, kitchen supplies and even chairs for the beach.

Homemade Meals

Homemade meals are not only a great way to eat better. They’re also a wonderful way to save money. If you are going to bring lunch, you’ll can bring in foods you love to eat each day. Make large batches of meals like stews and soups. You can freeze them in smaller portions and bring them to work. Thaw in the microwave and you have a lovely meal that has been perfectly flavored to your own tastes.

Local Library

The local library is a resource you should keep in mind as you look for ways to save money. Many libraries have all sorts of things on the shelves as well as books. They offer movies and other videos. Set up a movie night at home complete with the popcorn. It’s a lot cheaper than heading to the movie theater. If you’re a college student, keep in mind that the library can often order the books you might need through interlibrary loan, thus saving you lots of extra money.

Part Time Job

If you’re working, think about adding a part time job in order to help with your savings. Many companies hire people to help with issues during a specific time. For example, accounting firms often need additional help with preparing files during tax time. Look for other jobs that can be done on weekend. A specific job devoted to savings can rapidly add up and increase your savings a lot in 2020.

Staycation Fun

There’s no need to spend a lot of money to have fun. Take a vacation at home. Get to know places you’ve never seen before. That local museum might have free hours during the week. Look up regional parks in your area. You can bring along a homemade lunch and have fun by the water. Create easy crafts the kids can do with you. For example, you might create a scavenger hunt on your property. Offer them simple clues they can follow in your home. This is a great, easy rain day project.

Walk to Work

Walking to work if you can has lots of advantages. Walking is great exercise. It’s also a good way to get to know the area on foot. You can meet others and enjoy a dose of sunshine before you begin the day. You’ll also save money on gas and the cost of maintaining your vehicle.

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