7 Surprising Benefits of a Hot and Cold Massage

There’s nothing quite as amazing as being filled with energy and feeling at home in one’s body. These are both outcomes that result from maintaining excellent health, and individuals who are serious about optimizing their level of wellness should know that they can. Luckily, there are multiple strategies that you can deploy to get in great health. One of them is attaining a hot and cold massage. Below you’ll find just seven of many surprising benefits that you can obtain from this type of massage:

1. Relief Of Muscle Tension And Pain.

As noted in Healthline, one health benefit of a hot and cold massage is the relief of muscle tension and pain. The process transpires as the massage causes an increase in blood flow to affected regions of the body. The massage can also reduce muscle spasms and relieve inflammation.

2. Reduces Anxiety And Stress.

Another great benefit of a hot and cold massage is that they can reduce anxiety and stress. As noted in a 2015 study, individuals who attained post-operative massages following abdominal colorectal surgery experienced less anxiety. A hot and cold massage can generate this outcome as well.

3. Promotes Better Sleep.

Research studies indicate that massages may promote better sleep. Specifically, studies have found that back massages enhance the sense of relaxation. One study even indicated that infants who experienced sleep problems were able to drift off faster when given a 15-minute massage. What may be even more impressive and exciting is that these infants were more positive, active, and alert when they woke up!

4. Disease Symptom Relief.

Another great benefit of massage is that it can promote relief of symptoms from troublesome conditions like fibromyalgia. This condition is difficult to deal with because it can cause chronic pain throughout the body. Yet one 2002 study indicated that individuals who received 30-minute massages had decreased levels of substance P. This substance plays an integral role in transmitting pain signals. Similarly positive findings surfaced when individuals struggling with rheumatoid arthritis were studied. In fact, the individuals who attained a moderate-pressure massage like the hot stone massage experienced less pain and a greater range of motion a month after they had the massage therapy.

5. Cancer Symptom Reduction.

Another benefit of the hot and cold massage is that it is linked to the reduction of cancer symptoms. In fact, a study found in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management indicated that individuals who attained a massage were able to decrease their experience of troublesome cancer symptoms such as nausea, anxiety, stress, fatigue, and pain.

6. Boosted Immunity.

Individuals who are serious about getting healthy should know that one key component of the wellness optimization process is boosting one’s immunity. This process enables the human body to fight disease more effectively, thereby ensuring that the individual maintains the energy and vitality necessary to work productively and maintain a stable mood. Luckily, hot and cold massages are known to boost the immune system. Specifically, massage therapy makes the body’s white blood cells more active. This is an important outcome of the massage because these are the cells that work to combat viruses.

7. Flushes Bodily Toxins.

One final benefit of a hot and cold massage is that they can flush out bodily toxins. In fact, attaining the massages regularly can promote sinus drainage, flush out the lactic acid that builds up in muscles, break up scar tissue, and loosen up any mucus that may exist within the lungs. This cleansing activity is powerful because it can accelerate healing from injuries and muscle tears while also reducing fatigue and enhancing stamina.

Don’t Delay: Start Getting Hot And Cold Massages Today!

If you’re serious about optimizing your level of wellness, now is the time to start attaining a hot and cold massage. Use the information listed in this quick reference guide to attain a clear, concise understanding of the specific benefits you’ll gain from this type of health therapy!

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