7 Times When You Will Be Thankful You Had an Awning

Awnings are simple things, but they are useful in a wide variety of situations in and around a home. They offer plenty of protection from the elements that can make a home more comfortable during bad weather, but there also a few other times when they can make life a little bit better.

1- On Hot Days

Excessive heat is uncomfortable, and it can even turn into a health hazard in extreme cases. The best way to fight against that heat while staying outdoors is to stay in the shade. Trees can provide natural shade, but they are rarely sufficient on their own for people who need to get things done outside of their home. An awning provides much better coverage, and it can provide shade far closer to a building than the majority of trees. That makes them a valuable safety tool in warm climates and a simple way to stay comfortable in every part of the world.

2- At Rainy Parties

Outdoor parties are among the best events of the warmer seasons, but the host always needs to keep an eye out for sudden rain. Nobody wants to have an outdoor event while it is pouring, so it is always important to have a backup plan in case of unexpected showers. An awning can provide enough shelter to keep the party going even after the rain starts, or to keep people dry while the host moves things inside the building. The shade can be nice even when the sun is out, which makes an awning a vital tool for regular hosts.

3- Sudden Winds

High winds can easily pick up small objects and throw them through the air. Most of them are too small to be dangerous, but they can make a mess and scratch windows. An awning provides protection against those items by stopping them from hitting the covered area from above. They can still come from other angles, but the added protection will lead to a significant reduction in the amount of debris that needs to get cleaned up after the fact.

4- When Leaves Fall

Autumn leaves are beautiful when they are on the tree but raking them away from a home to get them out of the way is a massive inconvenience. A wide awning can catch most of the leaves that would end up near the building as they fall, which saves the owner the inconvenience of raking them. It will be necessary to get them off of the awning at some point, but that is much quicker and easier than collecting them from the ground.

5- During Grilling Season

Grilling is a fun and healthy way to cook, but it depends on having good weather. It gets uncomfortable quickly if the weather is too hot, and sudden rain can ruin the experience for the chef. An awning over the grilling area will provide shade to keep things more comfortable and prevent rain from getting on the chef or the food as it cooks. That adds a layer of security that makes it much easier to justify grilling a meal when there is a chance of having bad weather.

6- When Cooling Costs Rise

Solar gain is a major problem for homes in warm climates. Exposure to the sun causes the temperature inside the house to rise, with most of the heat coming in through the windows. As more heat enters the home, the owner needs to spend more and more energy to cool it down again. That means that anything that stops sun from entering the home saves money and helps the environment by reducing energy usage. An awning over a window will do exactly that, and it can make a big difference for the owner’s energy bills.

7- When Selling the Home

Awnings increase the value of a home because they offer so many other benefits. People tend not to think about that very much when they first buy the awning, but they quickly come to appreciate it when their home hits the market. They usually offer a good return on investment, which is always appreciated when the time comes to move on to a new place.

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