7 Unique Ways to Put the Fun Back in Fundraising

7 Unique Ways to Put the Fun Back in Fundraising

Raising money for a charity or other good cause is very noble and helpful to society. While there are many great things that can be done with charitable contributions, the process of actually raising the money can get stale and boring at times. While it can be hard to make fundraising fun for a long period of time, there are tips that can be followed that could make the process more enjoyable for all people involved.

Come Up with Unique Ideas

When you are trying to raise money for any cause, one of the best things that you could do would be to come up with unique ideas and concepts. Today, many charities struggle with fundraising because they are using the same stale ideas and concepts that have been used for decades. Instead, you should think up of some unique events and games that correlate in some way with the charity and also will give all donors a great experience.

Good Vibes and Attitude

Whenever you are hosting any type of fundraising event, it is very important that you provide a great atmosphere. When you have a fun and upbeat atmosphere, it will make the event much more fun to work at. Also, it will give potential donors a better overall mood that can lead to them donating more money. Some of the best ways to do this is by having live entertainment, good lighting, and great music to get people into the mood to donate and have a great time.

Make all Feel Welcome

Most importantly, during any fundraising event, you want to make all people feel welcome. For many people that are unfamiliar with these events, walking into a crowded or busy event can feel intimidating. If you are trying to make it more fun, you need to make it as welcoming as possible. Some great ways to do this could include having name tags, encouraging people to socialize with those that they do not know, and working the room to identify people that appear nervous or anxious and trying to make them feel more comfortable.

Food and Drinks

While the focus of any charitable event is to raise money for the cause, you also should provide people with a good evening and event. Most people that have gone to an event can attest to receiving bad food or waiting in line too long for a drink. Instead, it could be a good investment to upgrade your catering and staff to provide people with a better overall experience. This could be enough to give them a great night and motivate them to donate more towards the charity.

Fun Ways to Donate

While you will raise money from ticket sales, you can also raise a lot of money through other donation means through the night. Some of the best ways to do this can include having a paddle raise, live auctions, and silent auctions for specialty items. All of these processes will help to keep people engaged and having a good time during the night.

Goals and Competitions

If you are trying to raise money as a team, nothing ever makes it more exciting quite like having a little friendly competition and goals. You should split your fund-raising teams up into groups and then have a competition to see who can raise the most money or sell the most tickets during a certain time period. This friendly competition can help to build team spirit and keep all people energized and focused.

Remember the Cause

Finally, when you are trying to raise money for any charitable contributions, it is important that you continue to remember the cause. One of the reasons why people can become complacent when they are trying to raise money is because they forget exactly what they are doing it for. All people that are trying to raise money for any type of organization should constantly remind themselves why they are putting forth this effort. This can help anyone to stay motivated and focused on their goals.

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