8 Benefits of Using a Local Body Shop

When you own a vehicle, it is inevitable that something will happen to cause a dent, scratch, or other damage. Unfortunately, many car accidents send your vehicle straight to the body shop if it is fixable. Does it matter where you have the repairs? We give you eight reasons why choosing a body shop close to home is a good idea.

Easy to reach

When you want to check up on the progress on your vehicle, driving fifteen or twenty miles outside of town is inconvenient. If your schedule is full, then this task is almost impossible some days. Using a local repair shop also means quick access when you need warranty repairs.

Cutting down fuel emissions

Besides the convenience, when you choose a local body shop, you are not driving miles each way adding to greenhouse gasses. By picking a nearby company, you are being a good steward of your community. Just like carpooling and taking city buses, choosing local helps the environment.

Easier to check out the business with neighbors and friends

A firm operating in the neighborhood for many years is well-known. Your mom, brother, or second cousin is likelier to know if the body repair shop down the street is reputable. You can find out if the brand is trustworthy from co-workers, neighbors, or church members. It should be straightforward to find someone with experience with the body shop.

Putting money back into the local economy

The Huffington Post states 70 percent of the money going into a particular area comes directly from local firms. Helping grow the community and provide more tax dollars for infrastructure repairs and upgrades are two benefits of residents spending money at the body shop downtown. This influx of money opens doors and furnishes new opportunities for people living and working in the neighborhood.

Supporting local workers

Small businesses have a reputation for offering better than average wages. Local companies are willing to pay more money to attract quality workers. A residential firm may offer tuition reimbursement, affordable health care, and better vacation benefits versus a nationwide chain. These body shops operate under a standard set of procedures. Community brands understand the specific struggles their workers face and are in a unique position to have the greatest impact on helping residents overcome these challenges.

Spurring competition

Spending money in local areas leads to new technologies and services. The community benefits from higher quality work. A firm operating in the neighborhood for many years is well-known. When local firms are competing against each other, consumers reap the benefits with lower prices. Everyone knows a story about two gas stations having a price war and drastically dropping the cost of gasoline for a short window.

Smaller businesses occupy less space

Family-owned body shops may have one to three bays to work in where a national firm might have double the amount. The firms operate differently too. Smaller body shops work to repair your vehicle quick to open up a lift. Larger firms have more inventory for replacement parts where local brands call out to parts supply stores for free parts delivery.

Local firms reinvest in your community

One of the most significant perks of choosing a local body shop is the way small businesses help out neighbors. A community brand might host charity events, donate to local youth organizations, help fight hunger, and perform many good deeds. The owners of the companies live in the community and want it to be the best for everyone.

Whether you find yourself with a grocery cart accident or get caught in a hailstorm, your vehicle will not stay perfect. A body shop with high-tech tools and skilled specialists can remove minor damage without messing with the paint job. Major repairs mean making lots of decisions. Meeting the repair specialist is easier when you live a few miles or minutes away from the repair shop. Saving the environment, adding more services to your neighborhood, boosting the local economy, and helping support employees are excellent benefits people can be proud of when choosing a local body shop.

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