8 Problems With Leaving a Powderpost Beetle Infestation Untreated

Have you ever spotted some tiny small holes on the surface of your wood furniture? Do you more often come across a white powder on wood surfaces in your house? Chances are you might be observing the effects of a Powderpost beetle infestation. Such beetles are wood boring organisms that belong to the sub-family of insects known as Lyctinae. They form one of the most destructive insects, which are pests and attack numerous species of deciduous trees. If you suspect that your furniture is under infestation, it is cost effective to take specific control measures depending on the level of infection to prevent further damages that may compromise the quality of your household items.

Factors to Determine the Level of Powderpost Infestation

  • Type of wood used.
  • The moisture content of the wood.
  • The prevailing environmental conditions.

Control Measures for Powderpost Infestation

  • Prevention is the best way of voiding the impacts of Powderpost infestation. You can protect your furniture by ensuring that they are well painted to seal exit holes.
  • Moisture control. Most beetles require specific levels of moisture content for their survival and reproduction. You can use moisture barriers such as polyethylene and proper ventilation to lower moisture in woods in damp crawl spaces. By doing so, you would have protected household furniture from infestation.
  • Wood replacement. If you want to control the level of Powderpost beetle infestation, consider replacing over infested wood. Replacement inhibits and reduces the chances of the insects attacking uninfected furniture.
  • Surface treatment with insecticides. You can visit a local distributor of insecticides and purchase one. You can then spray or brush infested materials with the chemical to create a barrier and destroy the beetles and its larva.
  • If you have big furniture or wood that is infested, consider using fumigation if the other methods seem ineffective. Using method requires you to seek the services of a certified pest control company.

Effects of Powderpost Infestation Untreated

Loss of the decorative impacts of wood. Powderpost beetles can infest your favorite furniture and create small holes on its surface. This is likely to distort its smooth surface and make it unattractive and it can force you to use furniture covers. Excessive infestation sometimes can make your household items made of wood appear old and worn out.
It can reduce the quality of furniture. If you like quality and class, this tiny insect can spoil your party. The insect attacks your treasured wooded households be it a table, chair, bed or wardrobe without any prior notice to you. The holes drilled by such insects compromise the quality of your stuff and may force you to save for new ones.

It can lead to structural weakening of furniture. The impact of severe infestation by Powderpost beetles in some cases can be severe. Continuous attack of your furniture will lead to reduced durability and a weakened structure. Wood surfaces such as ceiling boards when severely under attack can collapse and post a risk to house inhabitants.
It can reduce the selling price of furniture. Are you that type of a person who sales furniture after a while to replace it? If you leave your infested furniture untreated, it is obvious you will have to sell them cheaply next time. Many people are becoming aware of the negative effects of wood borers and will likely prefer those that with no infestation. It will force you to sell the furniture at a lower price to allow for treatment before sale.

Many people pay little attention to the small insects that attack wooden furniture. It is necessary to carry out an audit on your furniture and determine the level of beetle infestation for effective control measures to take. Next time you buy a wooden accessory, check thoroughly for any signs of Powderpost infection to prevent introducing the destructive insects into your household.

Quick Facts about Powderpost Beetles

  • Light attracts adult powder post beetles, and they can fly.
  • The old house borer is a native to North Africa and there is a belief that it arrived in North America in around 1875.
  • Old house borer beetles can infest your house just four to seven years after constructing it.
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