8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Health Aide

If you’re getting older or you have health issues, you might find it’s beneficial to hire a home health aide. This is a person who is trained to do a variety of tasks from helping you with your medication to taking you to your appointments with your doctor. Home health aides are very common in the homes of the elderly. Not all elderly people need to move to an assisted living facility or a nursing home because they still have the majority of their independence. If you need just a little help, it’s a great alternative. Before you hire a home health aide, however, you want to ask a few important questions.

1- May I Run a Background Check?

You’ll want to hire someone who passes a background check, credit check, and criminal history check. The person coming into and out of your home to care for you must be trustworthy, honest, and who they say they are. If the person you’re interviewing for this position is hesitant or refuses to submit to these checks, it’s time to move on.

2- What Experience Do You Have?

There is nothing wrong with a home health aide who is new to the career, but you want someone with some experience working with patients at home, in a hospital, or anywhere else. You want someone who knows what they’re doing, whom you can trust, and someone who knows the ropes. Be sure to check references, too.

3- When Are You Available?

You need to know when your aide is available to help you. You can’t hire someone who can’t be at your home when you need them the most, and you need to know if they are working other jobs as well. It’s all right to base your decision on the answer to this question when it’s time to hire a home health aide.

4- What Services Do You Provide?

Not all home health aides provide the same services. Some might make house calls anytime. Others might want advance notice. Some might not be willing to do certain things around the house such as light cleaning or cooking, and others might be perfectly fine with that. It’s important you ask this question.

5- Why Did You Leave Your Last Position?

You want the answer to this question more than almost any other. The way your potential aide answers this question tells you more about them than any other answer. Do they have fond things to say about their former position, or do they have hateful things to say? Is the reason they left all because of someone else and they take no responsibility for it? What is the likelihood they might be bitter or upset?

6- What Do You Like About This Job?

The person you hire to care for you should love many things about the job. This means the question should be easy to answer and not difficult. They shouldn’t hesitate much, and they should have a lot to say on this note. You want someone who loves their job because those are the people who give you the most care.

7- What Don’t You Like?

This is another important question. You want someone who is honest, and you’ll know when they tell you what they dislike. No one loves every single thing about their job. On the same hand, you want someone who has a short and concise list of things they don’t like as well as compelling reasons they don’t like these things.

8- What Should I Know About You?

You want to get to know this person a bit. If you allow them a chance to volunteer information about him or herself, you’ll find out more than you might asking other questions. This is an opportunity for you to chat and get to know one another easily and with some level of comfort. Pay attention during this aspect of your conversation to learn more.

Hiring a home health aide requires calling references, checking certifications, and even calling the company who employs the aide to discuss a potential hire. If you feel uncomfortable around someone, don’t hire them. This is a personal decision completely up to you, and you should only hire someone you trust to care for you and your home. It’s a big decision.

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